Hey! This is the perfect time to start implementing sensual practices if you haven’t done it yet! Now that most of us profoundly experienced the time slowing down during the first lockdown and maybe again for this second wave, let’s see how we can use this experience and replicate it through intimacy!

From the series of Élise Di interviews to Christian from La Casa Dorada.

ÉLISE: What is sensual touch for you?

CHRISTIAN: This is the awakening of all the senses. Putting the entire body in an overly sensitive mode. Giving it spaces to feel, observe, and speak up. We talk about the WHOLE body here and not only the erogenous zones.

ÉLISE: And what does the awakening of all senses require?

CHRISTIAN: To experiment sensual touch, we invite you first to practice it into a specific set up that we call “The bossy massage”. Meaning that one will give the touch and one will receive it. With the intention of learning and feeling the body.

  • First key: Slowness!

    We come back to our point from the intro! It’s primordial to put a special attention to our presence and free as much time as possible. To be here and now. Into the delicacy of the moment shared with your partner.

    The body needs time to integrate the sensual message that it receives.

  • And 2d key: Communication!

    Have you ever done an oenological workshop, or wine testing? If you haven’t, this is how it works : You have a set of few glasses, presenting different wines and the sommelier will continuously ask you : “What do you see?”; “how is the colour?”; “What do you feel?”; “What are the predominant aromas and savours?”

    It can be hard at first to find the words, you may have a limited vocabulary and use the same terms than your neighbour fearing you may say something wrong.
    But testing a wine or anything in general is a very personal, unique, and original experience. It is then important to find the words that are adapted to your own feelings.

    And by learning how to name those sensations, the quality of feeling will develop overtime.

So now, as a sommelier would do, while you receive a sensual touch ask yourself: What do I feel in my body? What do I feel in my legs, on my flanks, in my neck?… What are the savours, the aromas of the kisses and many caresses I receive?”; “What stimulus activate this sensation?”…
And share it with your partner. It will help him/her to feel you better, to know where to go and how you like it to be.

And as the giver, you can ask yourself  “What do I see?” And navigating your touch from your partner’s expressive body and feedbacks. And if he/she is not so talkative, ask those same questions “What do you feel?” etc…

In conclusion, furthermore than just developing a high sense of feeling, you will before all learn how to love yourself and your partner better.

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