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A space of comfort and inspiration

Tantra Massage

Devotion without sexual exchange

Many recipients of tantric massages indicate that they have never been touched as empathetically before.
Others recount a lasting
change in their attitude towards their body and their sexuality.

Free of expectations, pressure and control you can encounter a new “YOU”.
Boundaries dissolve and your sense of time dwindles when you encounter a tantra massage in the hands of an experienced practitioner.

Old connotations of intimacy may change when you get to know your own body with newly honed and heightened senses.
Devotion without sexual exchange and reciprocal touch can lead to a state of acting without preconceived intention.
Tantra massage invites you to a
deeper understanding of yourself.

We create a space of comfort and inspiration by using fragrances, candles and calm music.
Your sensual journey through your own body is accompanied by experienced tantra practitioners.
It is very important for us that you can decide without any pressure how far you want to take the experience of a tantra massage.

What happens during a Tantra Massage
or a Sacred Intimate Session?

What happens during a Tantra-Massage, a Tantra Ritual or a Couple Experience?

Our Massages Menu

90’ or 120’ – (one practitionner)

With our Classic Tantra Massage we create a space for you to fill with deep emotional experiences in order to expand your sensuality and to become fully aware of your body. We help you to release tensions and blockages, allowing your energy to flow freely again through your body.

Following the principle of Yin & Yang we use, amongst other things, elements from old Indian traditions, Classical Massage,Reflexology, Acupressure, Hawaiian Massage, Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Bioenergetics.

Yin and Yang are two opposing forces or energies that also complement each other. The entire universe is based upon their interaction. Yin represents the female cosmic power that is symbolized by women, water and earth. Yang embodies the male cosmic power, symbolized by man, fire and sky.

One of the main ideas of the Tantra Massage is to awaken and increase your own sexual energy and to integrate it into your life.

The flow of the massage is different every time and does not follow a set pattern.

Creatively and imaginatively, sensually, playfully and with trained intuition we will guide you into a deep relaxed state with the aid of sounds, scents, feathers and scarves. First you have a talk with the masseuse or masseur during which the intention, duration and boundaries of the massage will be discussed. You cannot dictate the course of the massage but you may decide to exclude certain elements. There will be no oral sex or sexual intercourse. The massage is given on a futon on the floor.

The Tantra Massage is a holistic massage. We overcome all fixations, including genital fixations, and therefore do not see the genital area as a taboo.

Orgasms and ejaculations may happen during the massage are not the main aim of the massage.

You will be touched, supported and energised with dedication and devotion.

120’ (one practitioner)

The prostate is considered as the male G-spot and contains one of the biggest concentrations of nerves in the body.

The Massage of the “Sacred Spot” is a way of producing anal pleasure and often provides men with an increased feeling of wellbeing.

The Prostate Massage focuses on the man’s Yin, the female cosmic energy, which is carried by both women and men. Regular stimulation and training enables a release which increases your life energy enormously, and may also produce multiple orgasms.

From a medical point of view regular Prostate Massage provides protection against enlargement and degeneration and can prevent impotence.

We start the Prostate Massage with a massage of the buttocks (stimulating the sexual chakra). After a pelvic floor massage, we move to a gentle massage of the rosette and finally penetrate slowly and gently into your anus.

On this journey into the depths of your body, we support you through breathing in a way that allows you to relax and enjoy .

Our relaxing pelvic floor and anal massage can be both healing and pleasurable. And will give you space for more sensuality, new experiences and transformations.

We perform the massage with a glove. For this we use lubrication gel.

Preparation of anal massage

Practical advice for Anal- and Prostate Massage

  • For the massage of anus and prostate we use hygienic examination gloves and lubricants. We proceed very carefully and slowly.
  • It is helpful if you do not eat flatulent foods before the massage and go to the restroom as normal before your visit. An enema is not necessary.
  • Despite best intentions and good preparation, it may be that the anal massage on this day does not feel right – we feel that very well and will not force anything here.

By choosing this option, you will be part of an erotic triangle that you will wish never ended, as your practitioners move with the complicity of two sensual dancers.

To perform this four-handed massage, the masseurs must have total complicity, which will take you on a journey into a new universe of sensations. Four hands constantly move through all the erogenous points of your body, resulting in an experience you won’t forget.

Like the rest of our massages, the 4-handed massage has its roots in an ancient tradition. It comes from India, where the massage was combined with an elaborate ritual of music and scented oils. Its origin is inspired by Abhyanga, the traditional Indian medicine.

At La Casa Dorada we consider that we should adopt this heritage and multiply the sensations and pleasure with our Tantra massages, which is why our 4-hand massage offers a special and unique effect where sensuality, pleasure and deep relaxation are combined.

90’ or 120’ (two practitioners)

Many couples visit us to experience and live their sensuality in a different way. For most of them it is a completely new experience to see their partner touched by a stranger. In a safe and warm space, everyone can enjoy the touch, knowing that their partner is experiencing similar sensations.

It is a great experience of trust and openness that can lead to new ways of looking at their sensuality and their relationship. This proposal is particularly suitable for couples who have never had a Tantric massage before.

By receiving your massage in the same room, you will feel your partner’s emotions without you touching him/her yourself. This can be very exhilarating for many couples. At the end of the massage, you and your partner have a special time to get together.

Most couples who have experienced this form of massage describe it as an emotionally intense journey that leaves a lasting impression.

The following questions can help you prepare for a couple’s massage:

What are your expectations and wishes?

How do you feel about your partner being touched by another woman or man?

What are your wishes regarding the massage of the intimate area

Would you like to be touched in your intimate space?

Is there anything we should know before starting the massage?

Sacred Intimate Sessions
More information about Sacred Intimate

120’ (one practitioner)

A Sacred Intimate works with all people (men, women, trans) who are seeking support in exploring any or all aspects of their sexuality.

Our practice is experiential. Rather than talking or counselling therapy, we work primarily with the body, intimacy, eros, emotion and spirit. We use the power of pleasure as a tool for healing and transformation.

The main modalities used are movement, breathing, touch, body awareness, consent and sexual skills. A Sacred Intimate guides you intimately through sensual, sexual and erotic experiences in a safe and non-judgemental way, actively contributing to your experience and supporting you in your personal development and self-awareness.

Practices may vary. The focus can be mainly on the body, on coaching, on interaction and mutual exploration, on awareness or Energy Tantra, Sexual Tao, Shamanism, Hippocratic massage (vaginal / anal mapping). You’re welcome to bring your desires or fantasies you would like to explore.

Usually we combine various modalities and skills. Except when we work with a couple, and even then it is possible to adapt our intervention according to the wish and desire of both partners.

All of this can vary according to our physical abilities.

Working as a Sacred Intimate is a vocation. The only thing we share is a fascination with the communion between Eros and Spirit, it is a deep commitment on a human level.

120’ (one practitioner)

This session opens up a space for you as a couple in which to discover new ways of touching and connecting with each other sensually.

With the inspiration of the practitioner you will be led playfully through the massage in a sensual tantric way, pampering your partner with her or him.

On the one hand you will have the opportunity to learn about Tantra Massage. On the other hand, a new world of sexual experience may open up where you can approach your partner with love, clarity and adoration.

Within the Trio, there is a special opportunity to experience sexuality in a new way, with a different balance of giving and receiving. As a trio, we can access greater creativity and sensitivity to our true feelings and desires, and bring this into the flow of the ritual.

After the massage, you will have time to finish the session according to your choice, either by finding your intimacy together or by continuing to explore together with the support of your practitioner.

Discover new possibilities with us and experience your sensuality and desire.

120’ (two practitioners)

This ritual is highly recommended for all couples who want to (re)connect in an intimate and sensual way.

You will be offered a safe space where you can let yourselves go and dive into your desires, with the knowledge that your partner is in a parallel world of experience.

After receiving a slow and delicate tantric massage to awaken your sensual energy individually, we will then accompany you to find together the path to new shared eroticism.

Guided only by the expression of your needs and desires at the present moment, without any intention and no goal to reach, you will be supported to redefine a new map of your intimacy.

We will invite you to try to take other paths that will progressively allow you to find or reinforce your Love in shared pleasure and reinforced confidence.

We will accompany you to explore new playgrounds, using tools or techniques to help you spice up your intimate life.

After the massage, you will have time to finish the session according to your choice, either by finding your intimacy together or by prolonging the experience and following the advice and support of your practitioners.

This unique ritual for Couples is an excellent and unusual gift idea. But please remember that it will only be a beautiful and unforgettable experience if you both fully agree to it.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a special space created just for you – and be welcomed by a couple – male/female – who are open and fully attentive to your wants and your needs? 

A place where you can simply walk in, leave your clothes, your worries and just be who you are.  

We create a protected space for you to feel safe and where almost anything is possible for you to explore, learn and release your deepest emotions.

Now we guide you to use conscious breathing, vocal expression, spontaneous  movements to bring you home, and be fully present in your body. 

What are we going to do?….  We have no idea!  We don’t know what’s going to happen. 

All we can guarantee is that if you want to experience joyful, ecstatic communion with other human beings and are open to this happening in one of many ways, then we are ready for a great adventure!

We need you to call or send us a note at least 3 to 5 days in advance, or more if you can. We need to set aside some time and prepare for this special and meaningful moment.  

If you could send us an email, telling us what appeals to you What can we do for you?  Are you aware that a little time with us could bring you closer to your heart, body and soul?  Are you ready to clear your mind and hear your body and heart again?

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No Sex or Intercourse with the practitioner(s) during massage, ritual or session
Our Tantra Massages and Rituals are given by an undressed practitioner


Classic Tantra Massages
With male or female practitioner. One way touch only.

Classic Tantra Massage for single 90´ 140 € One practitioner on futon
Classic Tantra Massage Extended for single 120´ 180 € One practitioner on futon
Classic Tantra Massage special prostate for single 120´ 200 € One practitioner on futon
Classical Tantra 4 hands massage for single 120´ 300 € Two practitioners on futon
Classic Tantra Massage for couple 120´ 320 € Two practitioners on futon
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Sacred Intimate Sessions

With male or female practitioner

Sacred Intimate for single 120´ 240 € One practitioner on futon
Trio Ritual for couple or pair 120´ 300 € One practitioner on futon
2-4-U Two for You 120 ‘ 340 € Two practitioners on futon
 Fusion Ritual for couples or pair 2 + 2 150´ 380 € Two practitioners on futon
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Erotic Playground Sessions

Single 120´ 240 € With one practitioner on futon 
Single 120´ 300 € With two practitioners on futon
Couple or Pair 120 ‘ 340 € With one practitioner on futon
Couple or Pair 150´ 380 € With two practitioners on futon
Book an erotic playground session

Massages FAQ

Do you recommend being given a massage by a woman or a man?

To be touched by someone of the same sex can be a new and intimate experience, which may initially cause feelings of unsureness and embarrassment.

But it brings with it a moving and healing experience through which you may discover values such as acceptance, strength, support and security.

If you allow yourself to be touched by someone of the opposite sex you will receive the energy of the opposite pole. This enables energy balancing following the principle of yin and yang.

Can I enjoy the massage despite erection problems?

It is not important to the massage or your enjoyment of it whether you have an erection or not.

Can I enjoy the massage despite premature ejaculation?

Yes, because this is normally caused by psychological factors and not physical. Dealing with it is for many just a question of practice. We gladly give you a non-judgmental, neutral and safe space.

As a woman I have never had an orgasm. Will the Yoni Massage help me to reach orgasm?

Our massages are non-specific. The more you focus on your orgasm, the harder it can be to reach it.

During the massage try to notice and feel what is really going on. Expectations, pressure, control and fear often play a part.

The Yoni Massage as the one we are offering is a healing massage during which injuries can be gently relieved and room for new experiences is created. We will accompany you on this journey with all our expertise and sensitivity.

I feel too fat and am embarrassed to let myself be touched…

Your weight and figure are unimportant to our massages. We connect with the beauty and fundamentals of every person and not only touch their body but also their soul. The massage will give you a better body image and more self-confidence and it will be easier for you to feel happy with your body.

What about hygiene?

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for us. Our baths are cleaned and disinfected after every use. This, of course, also applies to the sheets on which you are massaged and any towels you may use. Before and after every massage we thoroughly wash and disinfect our hands.

Do I need to have any special knowledge or experience for this type of massage?

Our massages are about relaxation, dedication and being pampered. Experience and special knowledge are therefore not necessary.
This is the ideal place to practice stillness, feeling and awareness.
Our masseuses and masseurs will accompany you sensitively on your journey through your body and sensuality.

What do I need to bring with me?

You don’t need to bring anything. We have towels, slippers, body care products and a hairdryer ready for you. You can have a shower here before and after the massage. We also provide filtered water and fruit.

What happens during the massage?

You will be naked during the tantra massage. Your body will be massaged using a number of techniques, which stimulate the energy flow, sensitize the body and open the mind. As a result, you will feel deeply relaxed despite being awake.

The Tantra Massage follows a basic pattern. Your head, face, hands and feet, your yang side (back) as well as your yin side (front) will be massaged thoroughly. As the idea of Tantra is to touch the whole person, we also massage the genital area.

However, the aim is not to sexualize the massage but to include sexual energy in the whole body massage.
In addition to this basic pattern, each masseuse and masseur has a lot of room to follow their own intuition and creativity. This means that the massage may feel different every time.

Who will massage me?

It is not possible to choose a masseuse once you arrive. All women and men in our team are trained in various – especially tantric – massage techniques. In addition to that all of us regularly attend training courses to broaden our spectrum of knowledge.

You may of course ask to book your next appointment with the same woman or man if you find you have particularly enjoyed your session with her or him.

Is the masseuse or masseur naked during the massage?

In the tantric tradition man (Shiva) and woman (Shakti) meet on the same level. As our massages are received naked, they are also given naked. It’s about closeness, discovery, feeling moved. We see nudity as something natural and beautiful, free of embarrassment and offensiveness.

May a sexual exchange happen during the massage?

No. You will receive a holistic tantric massage, which gives you a sensual erotic experience but not an invitation to a sexual exchange. This enables you to explore your physical experience in a new way free of expectations and objectives.

Is it ok to have an erection during the massage?

An erection during the massage is welcome as it is a sign of relaxation and enjoyment.

Is it ok to reach orgasm during the massage?

If you want to yes. We invite you to enjoy and be aware of your experience. Enjoy the massage without any pressure. An orgasm doesn’t automatically mean the end of the genital massage.

What massage oils do you use?

We use cold-pressed organic olive oil without additives.

Beneficiary and giver of the massage are usually undressed.

No Sex or Intercourse with the practitioner during massage, ritual or session.

Massages by appointment only

Please don´t visit us without an appointment! Appointments must be arranged by phone, mail or online-booking in advance. Spontaneous appointments for the same day are possible, but it is preferable to book in advance if you are not flexible in your schedule.

Time for massages starts daily at 10 am, the last one ends at about 6:00 pm.

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Should you have any further questions:

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