An inmersive experience in Mindful Sexuality

One to One Retreats

Welcome to La Casa Dorada, a unique sanctuary in Europe, dedicated to the Art of Sacred Intimacy, with two exclusive residential offers: Tantric Getaway and Tantric Odyssey.

For professional sex coaches and people who are very advanced in the exploration of sacred and contemporary sexualities, we have created the Sacred Intimate Pro training.

Tantric Getaway


An Oasis of Plenitude and Connection

Designed for individuals and couples looking for a moment of relaxation and deep connection, the Tantric Getaway combines relaxation, sun and naturism. This experience offers you a sensual escape into plenitude, in perfect harmony with nature and yourself.

Tantric Odyssey


A deep dive into the Wisdom of your Senses

The Tantric Odyssey is an invitation to a complete immersion in the intelligence of the body. It’s an inner sensory and emotional journey. Whether you’re alone or in a couple, you’re invited to explore the many facets of sensuality, intimacy and emotions, while offering opportunities to learn and discover the art of intimacy.

Sacred Intimate Pro-training

Sacred Intimate
Pro Training

Become an Expert in Sacred Intimacy

You’re a professional intimacy coach, but imagine if you could offer those who come to you a deeper understanding of who they are and guide them to a higher state of consciousness. Imagine transforming their experience into a journey of discovery and personal fulfilment through our Sacred Intimate Pro-Training programme.

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