A deep sensory and emotional journey

Tantric Odyssey

The hectic pace of everyday life can sometimes take us away from ourselves and our partners. That’s why we invite you to enjoy a unique and caring experience based on Tantra, Mindful Sexuality and Sacred Intimacy.

The Tantric Odyssey retreats are completely private and are aimed individually at couples or singles, women and men of all genders and orientations.

A Journey to the Heart
of Connection

Our private retreats are designed to create an intimate space where couples and singles can explore the depth of their connection. Guided by caring, multi-skilled experts, you’ll discover practices from Tantra, Tao, breath therapies, body sexology, Sacred Intimacy and Mindful Sexuality.

Mindfulness Sexuality:
A Sensual Awakening

By cultivating Full Awareness in the act of loving, you will discover a fulfilling sensuality that transcends physical limits. This approach invites you to be totally present, to savour every sensation and to create a deep and lasting intimacy.

Sacred Intimacy:
A Deep Connection

At the heart of this experience is the exploration of Sacred Intimacy. It’s an invitation to transcend superficiality and create a space where souls meet in deep, intimate communion. It is a journey towards the true essence of Love.

Experts Dedicated to Your Fulfilment

Your experienced, multi-skilled guides are there to support you intimately, with respect and compassion. They’ll help you develop tools and practices that strengthen your relationship and promote individual fulfilment. Depending on your needs, you can choose a male or female practitioner, or both.

A personalised experience

From duration to content, our private retreats offer a completely personalised experience, tailored to your needs and desires.


2 full days + 3 nights*

3 full days + 4 nights*

4 full days + 5 nights*

5 full days + 6 nights*

*Breakfast included

The retreats run from Monday to Friday, arriving the day before the first day and leaving the day after the last day.


Your day is divided into 4 entirely private sessions with one or two practitioners, male and/or female, depending on your needs:

7h – 8h
Body awakening (free)
9h – 10h
Breakfast (included)
10h30 – 13h30
Bodywork session
13h30 – 15h30
Lunch Break (non included)
15h30 – 18h30
Workshop or Bodywork
18h30 – 21h
Dinner Break (non included)
21h – 22h
22h – 07h
Night Break


You will be accommodated in a single room with direct access to the tropical garden and the naturist swimming pool.

A hearty breakfast will be served every morning at 9am. For your meals, you can choose from the many restaurants within walking distance.

If you wish, you can use the on-site fridge. Tea, herbal teas, a kettle and fresh filtered water are also available.

An investment in your happiness
and fulfilment

Give yourself the gift of conscious love and sacred intimacy.
Discover the magic of deep connection.
Book your Journey to Sacred Intimacy and take
the first step towards a fulfilling relationship and a fulfilling life.

If you’re looking for a gentler, more relaxing experience, check out our proposal:

Tamtric Getaway

Tantric Getaway

An Oasis of Plenitude and Connection

Designed for individuals and couples looking for a moment of relaxation and deep connection, the Tantric Getaway combines relaxation, sun and naturism. This experience offers you a sensual escape into plenitude, in perfect harmony with nature and yourself.

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