La Casa Dorada

A Retreat Centre and a Sacred Space
dedicated to consciousness and holistic embodiment,
to explore new expressions of Tantra and Mindful Sexuality.
A Unique Space for Free  Expression.

A Retreat Centre
and a Sacred Space
dedicated to consciousness
and holistic embodiment,
to explore new
expressions of Tantra
and Mindful Sexuality.

A Unique Space
for Free  Expression.

What do we provide?

Tantric Getaway

One to One

For singles or couples.
We are dedicated to the Art of Sacred Intimacy, with two exclusive residential offers: Tantric Getaway and Tantric Odyssey. Along with our exclusive Sacred Intimate Pro training, we provide knowledge and support for professionals and  advanced people in the exploration of contemporary sexualities.

Private Sessions

One to one

For singles or couples.
Experience devotional rituals with Tantra Massage, two-way touch with Sacred Intimacy Sessions and playfulness on the Erotic Playground.

Book the Venue

the Venue

For groups.
For your retreat or your event.
An exclusive place, on the Costa Dorada, by the sea, close to Barcelona, designed to host intimate retreats for small groups (22 pax maximum). Clothing optional, with nudist swimming pool.

What is Mindful Sexuality?

Outdoor Wooden Pavillion at La Casa Dorada

A full range of living

Our vision is to create an environment where we can experience the full range of living. Beyond the limitations we place on our personal expression in daily life.

Outside of social conditioning, there is space to experience new layers of freedom. We have created a holistic space dedicated to providing a supportive environment for learning and and transformation.

Outdoor Wooden Pavillion at La Casa Dorada
Christian & Simone founders of La Casa Dorada

From Christian & Simone

“In designing La Casa Dorada, our desire is to create a safe, calme and harmonious place for exploring the different facets of Full Awareness as individual, as a couple and as a family: truth, freedom, presence and learnings, and to make them rhyme with all expressions of Love.

We are committed to living in full consciousness in all acts of life with the freedom to experiment, to make mistakes and to start again. We like to surround ourselves with people who, like us, want to contribute to a world where all beings can live together in peace, trust, love, joy and connection

Our guests say…

I love this place with its lush garden and cosy gazebo. But mainly, I had come for a massage in order to release energetic and emotional blockages as well as fears. This is why I even booked a massage with a male practitioner, to overcome also this barrier. Christian was excellent. He took time to get to know me, to find out about my wishes and boundaries, was extremely respectful and attentive. I very much appreciate his experience and his ability to intuitive connect to my needs. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Pascale, her
Marc Peridis

The experience blew my mind. He held the space in a safe, skilful and highly intentional way. He created a wonderful space for me to surrender, and to allow some old Trauma to arise. He held it in protection, love and light and it marked a significant shift for me. I would experience this again and highly recommend it to anyone.

Marc, him
La Casa Dorada couple testimonial

Our experience as a couple exceeded expectations. Our feeling, more than that of living in parallel universes, was that of living in the same universe, abandoning ourselves to an intense, enriching and precious trance, with the company and guidance of our hosts. We can only recommend them and invite those who are curious to investigate, to discover, to let go and to live.

Carles and Nuria, them
Member of
Member of
Trusted Bodywork
Trusted Bodywork

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