Core team

Simone, Christian, Jorge, Petra and Audrey are the permanent members of the community. They are fully dedicated to creating a warm and supportive atmosphere, so that everyone can feel supported to open to whatever needs to be explored.

Christian Gouttenoire


Christian is the founder of Neo Tantra in 2012 and the School of Mindful Sexuality, inspired by the Sexological Bodywork Method.

After 20 years of personal and sexual development, group psychology, relationship management and coaching Christian successfully evolved his creativity in the music industry and the field of architecture, prior to expanding upon his passion for psychology and sexuality.

For several years Christian traveled the world learning from masters and teachers such as Joseph Kramer, Andro in Berlin, Mantak Chia and briefly with Margot Anand. In his studies he received the Tantra Masseur certification from The Diamond Lotus in Berlin.

He is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, which is his his main focus, and he also works as a Sacred Intimate. In his efforts to expand creative sexuality, Christian takes inspiration from the work of Felix Ruckert, founder of Schwelle 7 in Berlin, in finding common ways to access the ecstatic states between pleasure and pain.

Simone Prangen


Simone‘s personal path of transformation began with the discovery of conscious breathing, which led her to a three-year intensive training at the Institute for Holistic Integrative Breath Therapy, founded and directed by Tilke Platteel-Deur and Hans Mensink. Today she supports clients with passion and heart on their journeys towards more joy, ease and self-expression.

Working with conscious breathing inevitably brought her in contact with topics such as sexuality, embodiment and conscious touch.

She decided to go further and explore the deeply transformative power of sexuality and how connected breathing could be integrated. She was trained as a Tantra Massage Therapist in Europe’s oldest and most respected Tantra institute, the Diamond Lotus in Berlin, which was created and driven by Andro.

Since then she has been guiding her clients, combining breathing therapy and the joyful power of conscious sexuality, on their paths for more presence, connection, embodied sensuality and fulfilling sexuality.



“Natural from Madrid, Spain. I did my university studies of Graphic and Industrial design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. After working a few years in this field I discovered Yoga and Meditation and I became fascinated by it. Quite soon I made the TTC (Teachers Training Course) in Tirol, Austria and one year later the ATTC (Advanced Teachers Training Course) in Val Morin, Canada. I completed my Yoga studies with the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Course in Madrid, the Ayurvedic Cooking Counselor in Tirol, Austria and the Vipassana Meditation Course in Barcelona.

Since then I´ve been practicing, teaching and sharing the ancient techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in Spain, Austria, France, Switzerland and India. For some periods I was living in different Yoga Ashrams around the world, mostly in the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Austria and in the Kundalini Yoga Chateau Anand in France.
In August 2020 I joined the project of “La Casa Dorada” and together with Christian and Simone I immersed myself completely into the practices of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality.
I love nature, exercise, good food and good company to share the beauty of life.”

Audrey Brown


As a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, Audrey is devoted to exploring the wondrous possibilities of pleasure and embodiment.

By approaching pleasure as a portal to presence, we can learn to tune into our own bodies so that we may feel more alive, connected, and have more access to joy. In turn we may be able to better tune into each other, and attune to the body and needs of our marvelous mother Earth. We can learn and refine basic skills such as how to attend to our sensations, notice desires, and communicate our needs, wishes, and limits.

Her work is heavily influenced by her training in Visionary Craniosacral Work with Hugh Milne, trainings in the Wheel of Consent with Betty Martin, Aphrodite Priestess Training with Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, and the tantric Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche which embraces the body as a vehicle of awakening.

Petra Schickedanz


From the deep desire to touch people, to accompany them in intensive changing processes as well as to experience and discover themselves, Petra began her TouchLife Coach massage trainging in 1995. as well as studying Lomilomi massage, For understanding and guiding inner processes she goes on exploring the soul at the medicus school with psychotherapy, autogenic training, hynose and trance. In addition to support creative expression in play and theatre pedagogy, psychodrama, constellations work and Gestalt therapy.

Led by her own desire for further self-experience in a natural expression she continue her studies through awakening women to shamanic process work, in soul dance as well as Haka, the Maori power dance.

Her own desire of deepening and explore sexuality to dissolve blockades and limitations she discoverd sensual depth with BDSM experiences at Schwelle 7, the Sacred kink academy and tantra massage training at Zinnoberschule and Dakini.

Since 2011 Petra is working in various tantra institutes and in her own studio in Germany and Switzerland and offers tantra- and bondage-massages also workshops in these. She also organize women’s circles, meditationgroups as well as shamanic process work such as drum trance and dance and shamanic rituals. Currently she is in the annual training at skydancing tantra international.

Her wish is to bring people into fulfilling, sensual experience with themselves to dissolve old conditioning to a liberated, powerful and joyful being in the here and now.

Guest teachers

Ayeisa Alegria at La Casa Dorada


I was born in a beautiful place called Murcia. I have loved life since I opened my eyes for the first time. I feel every day as a huge gift that I receive. I like to keep death in mind because it makes me live each moment with more intensity. In this life that inhabits me a lot of things happen.

To most of them, I am unable to put names or labels. I have discovered that making plans can be okay, as long as I have the option to change them completely, as I feel that life knows much more than I do and I like to listen to it and let go. This is how it manifests and how I live the magic.

I have studied things that I never finished. The truth is that I am not finished, nor will I ever be. So I have neither a career nor a degree. I have myself, in continuous listening to my great teacher (life) and teachers, who are the people around me: friends, family, acquaintances.

Every day I feel in constant change and learning. Every day I rediscover myself. Every day I present myself in front of the mirror and start a new relationship with myself, full of questions that do not always have an answer. Not always having to know everything makes me live very lightly.

Marc Peridis


I am a somatic / shamanic therapist that helps people achieve radical transformation with the power of the orgasm. What I love the most about my work is witnessing people awaken the very best of themselves. In 2012, I began to explore tantra and somatic movement practice.

I enrolled in a one-year training in Berlin in an attempt to find resolution with regards to issues relating to relationships and sexuality and found that the potency of the impact expanded to every part of my life: money, career, family life, health, etc. I was an interior designer at the time but knew that a significant change was coming.

I became initiated to mystery school practices such as the deep dive, a process in which one spends days and nights in complete darkness, practicing sequences of breath sound and movement, a death/birth process which involves shedding layers of patterning, cultural conditioning and illusions, allowing us to expand into a life of greater potential.


Nico Castellanos is an explorer based in Barcelona.

Driven by curiosity and knowledge, he has been investigating the body, pleasure and sexuality in a conscious way for more than eleven years. He is trained in arts, dance, theatre, body work and sexology and has participated in different S-x positive festivals over the years, both as a participant and as a facilitator: Xplore, Erosphere, Konk, Agni Spirit….

His work mixes his facet as an artist as well as his knowledge of human sexuality. Always looking for personal growth, creativity and promoting agency and responsibility on people.

He also organizes a monthly fusion partner dancing event and occasionally play parties in Barcelona.

Sharka Rey


I am a Czech born and conscious sexuality educator, bodyworker, yoga teacher, performer, retreat and workshop organiser, with passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, contact improvisation, theatre improvisation, and martial arts.

Since 2013 I have been closely connected to the Schwelle7 project in Berlin, an artistic & educational venue for body, mind and conscious sexuality practices.

In 2015, I moved to Berlin from where I started to conduct international retreats and workshops in England, Spain, Holland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Australia and the Philippines on conscious sexuality, movement, empowerment, personal growth and yoga.

I like to inspire people sharing my experiences and perspectives on life. I like exploring limits of different intensities, both subtle and extreme.

The Venue

Different views of La Casa Dorada

La Casa Dorada is located on the Costa Dorada of Catalonia, Spain – a 45 min drive south of Barcelona El Prat International airport, between Sitges and Tarragona and around 20 km from each town.

Nestled on a small rocky hill, refreshed by the breeze of the Mediterranean sea and shaded with palm trees sits La Casa Dorada.

We are only seven minutes walking distance from huge sandy beaches with a nudist area. There are several bars and restaurants nearby.

You can enjoy outdoor activities around the nudist swimming pool. Many sun loungers are settled in a luxurious garden.

When you take part in the Tribal Tantra Xperience, your economical participation includes full board (3 meals + snacks during pause), accommodation in a shared bedroom and different body based practices every day.

English, Spanish, German and French are commonly spoken.


“I love this place with its lush garden and cosy gazebo. But mainly, I had come for a massage in order to release energetic and emotional blockages as well as fears. This is why I even booked a massage with a male practitioner, to overcome also this barrier. Christian was excellent. He took time to get to know me, to find out about my wishes and boundaries, was extremely respectful and attentive. I very much appreciate his experience and his ability to intuitive connect to my needs. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”
– Pascale

Tropical garden at La Casa Dorada

“This is how a Sacred Intimate session should be. Having experienced various forms of Tantra for over 11 years, I came to the session with Christian with an open mind.
The experience blew my mind. he held the space in a safe, skilful and highly intentional way. He created a wonderful space for me to surrender, and to allow some old Trauma to arise. He held it in protection, love and light and it marked a significant shift for me. I would experience this again and highly recommend it to anyone.”
– Marc

Marc Peridis

I discovered La Casa Dorada shortly after moving to live in a very close area, just some months ago. I was pleasantly surprised and very interested in the activities they carried out so I decided to initially try the simplest one. A Tantra massage would give me a clear idea of how and what they were doing in this oasis in the middle of the Costa Dorada.


I have to say that, from the reception until we said hope to see you again soon, I breathed an atmosphere of peace and a freedom that I am sure we should all feel at some time. Not to mention the extreme care to the smallest detail and the love and dedication with which the entire process is carried out.


I felt very comfortable and was able to enjoy the experience deeply. Through her hands and an all-pervading mindful breathing, Simone achieved an incredibly pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

I already repeated once and I hope I will enjoy any of the other activities at La Casa Dorada.

An amazing place to trust your senses.


José Luis Afán de Ribera

Swimming pool

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