Your next step towards excellence

Sacred Intimate Pro-training

This programme is an invitation to a fascinating journey of self-discovery and transformation. It is open to all, men and women, ready to work with people of all genders and orientations.

Sexological Bodyworkers, masseurs, bodyworkers, sex coaches and other dedicated professionals who generously offer their presence, their attention, their energy and also their bodies:

We owe you a huge thank you!

Your work already makes a significant contribution to the lives of many people…

Those who already have a wealth of experience having participated in numerous training courses and workshops, and who are looking to go much further, using bodily pleasure and erotic trance as pathways to liberation, the Sacred Intimate Pro-Training programme is your next step towards excellence…


.. if you could go even further, offering those who come to you a deeper understanding of their identity and guiding them to a higher state of consciousness…  transforming their experience into a journey of discovery and personal fulfilment.


By joining this program, you will not only deepen your practice, but also broaden your horizons and make deeper connections with your clients and partners.

You will learn to use your skills, both professional and intimate, to create a safe and trusting space, foster meaningful connections and offer a unique and personalised experience to each of your clients.

With this programme, you’ll be able to offer an experience that goes beyond the physical, guiding your clients on a journey of self-discovery and personal development.

Join us on this transformative journey and unleash your full potential as a Sacred Intimate practitioner.


The programme is individual and residential, and can be adapted depending on your existing qualifications and your personal or professional goals.

Your stay at La Casa Dorada will be a unique opportunity to live in our small family community, sharing daily tasks such as meal preparation and interacting with visitors, enriching your experience and skills.

The program includes:

3 sessions of 1h30 by videoconference,
● a 5-day face-to-face training at La Casa Dorada with individual accommodation,
● 2 post-training sessions by videoconference and,
● 1 year of supervision and support in your practice, when needed.

Training is provided in English and French.


To participate in this training,
the following prerequisites must be met:

Participants must have a high capacity to manage their own emotions and those of others, given the sensitive and intimate nature of the work.

A background in psychology, therapy, counselling or a related field may be beneficial.

A basic understanding of human sexuality, as well as comfort with bodily and sexual issues.

Knowing how to set and respect personal and professional boundaries is crucial.

Good physical and mental health is important for managing the demands of training and future practice.

A positive, non-judgmental attitude and openness to clients’ diverse experiences and sexual identities.

Begin your journey to becoming
an expert in the Art of Mindful Sexuality
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity
to take your practice to the next level…

Should you have any further questions:

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