Our guests say…

I love this place with its lush garden and cosy gazebo. But mainly, I had come for a massage in order to release energetic and emotional blockages as well as fears. This is why I even booked a massage with a male practitioner, to overcome also this barrier. Christian was excellent. He took time to get to know me, to find out about my wishes and boundaries, was extremely respectful and attentive. I very much appreciate his experience and his ability to intuitive connect to my needs. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Pascale, her
Marc Peridis

I was pleasantly surprised and very interested in the activities they carried out so I decided to initially try the simplest one. A Tantra massage would give me a clear idea of how and what they were doing in this oasis in the middle of the Costa Dorada. I have to say that, from the reception until we said hope to see you again soon, I breathed an atmosphere of peace and a freedom that I am sure we should all feel at some time. Not to mention the extreme care to the smallest detail and the love and dedication with which the entire process is carried out.

Marc, him
La Casa Dorada couple testimonial

Our experience as a couple exceeded expectations. Our feeling, more than that of living in parallel universes, was that of living in the same universe, abandoning ourselves to an intense, enriching and precious trance, with the company and guidance of our hosts. We can only recommend them and invite those who are curious to investigate, to discover, to let go and to live.

Carles and Nuria, them
Member of     
Tropical garden at La Casa Dorada

“I discovered La Casa Dorada shortly after moving to live in a very close area, just some months ago. I was pleasantly surprised and very interested in the activities they carried out so I decided to initially try the simplest one. A Tantra massage would give me a clear idea of how and what they were doing in this oasis in the middle of the Costa Dorada.

I have to say that, from the reception until we said hope to see you again soon, I breathed an atmosphere of peace and a freedom that I am sure we should all feel at some time. Not to mention the extreme care to the smallest detail and the love and dedication with which the entire process is carried out.”

– José Luis Afán de Ribera

Sacred Intimacy testimonials

Marc Peridis

Marc (49)

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“This is how a Sacred Intimate session should be. Having experienced various forms of Tantra for over 11 years, I came to the session with Christian with an open mind.

The experience blew my mind. He held the space in a safe, skilful and highly intentional way. He created a wonderful space for me to surrender, and to allow some old Trauma to arise. He held it in protection, love and light and it marked a significant shift for me. I would experience this again and highly recommend it to anyone.”

– Marc

Victoria (48)

I found La Casa Dorada online when I was holidaying in the area, and was just looking to see if there was somewhere locally where I could have a massage.
When I read through all the information from La Casa Dorada website,it sparked an interest in me and I decided to make an appointment.

From the moment I received a reply from Christian I was made to feel comfortable.
I wanted to experience something new, it had been a very long time since I had been physically intimate with anyone and had almost expected that, that part of my life was over.

I had a Sacred Intimacy session and am delighted I did. I was made to feel safe and comfortable at all times. The session was very empowering and taught me many things about myself.
I released old blocked fears and emotions in a very safe and loving environment.
Christian is an amazingly skilled Therapist and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Of the ecstasy of sharing these spaces of intimacy with a person who, for me, emotionally, has a meaning. I’m talking about love. Everything can be done with love in this life, yes, and I have given and received love, but I feel that there are different levels.

If I were to describe this session in 4 words: Fire, Play, Path (to myself, physically and mentally) and Love.

The connection with the practitioner was optimal. From the naturalness and respect, everything becomes easy. A feeling of welcome, of acceptance, of feeling worthy of feeling love. Abandoning prejudices. A path that opens up for me.

For me the greatest difficulty was to realise how difficult it is to express in words what I feel, what I desire. I adapt, I receive everything that comes, but my fears arise to ask for more. To ask more of life. I look at what I am not, and I do not look at what I am. I need an outside look of acceptance, and I don’t value what I am. An open way of being me.

To sum up, during the whole session, I felt at ease.
Everything is very natural, very transparent, no room for double meanings.

Casa Dorada is a spectacular place.
A house of peace and pleasure where everything around seems to be waiting only for the pleasure of the people who are there. An oasis.

Now, five days later, I think that yes, it was a good experience for me. It has brought me closer to myself. Right now I feel full, giving, and ready to receive more.
I want to receive more. But I am aware that life is not always a balance between giving and receiving. So I want to give what I am, what I feel. And to receive what comes, but by choosing. I move forward to express what I naturally want, a path that I want to take step by step. And I also move forward to express naturally what I do not want.

I have been offered at all times the space to ask, to express, to experience. I expressed what I could because of my own limitations. And to ask, in the pleasure of bodies, I don’t know how to do it well yet, it’s still difficult for me…

Scott (50)

I am no stranger to tantra and have been practising it for over ten years. I adore the many facets of the most intimate connections that tantra offers. When my partner Jessica and I were in the early stages of planning our trip to Spain, one of the first things I sought out was a tantric temple to visit. After only a few moments online, I found the La Casa Dorada website.

Simone and Christian are excellent communicators and such warm and gracious hosts. Jessica and I eventually decided to explore individual Sacred Intimate sessions after some discussion with Simone.

I offer Christian an extended framework: he has total freedom of movement, we breathe together (sexbod technique) and he can verbalise what he wants. He is allowed to touch me, to caress me except on my genitals (too afraid to let myself be carried away by my desire and no longer control the session and then regret it!)

I start the session as usual and begin the bodywork. It is fluid with Christian. I don’t feel any resistance in my body. Moreover, to my great surprise, when I saw him physically for the first time in the car park when I arrived, my body naturally went into his arms for a warm hug, quite rare for me during a first contact…

I love massaging him, my hands naturally embrace his body and the energy rises quite quickly. Christian is very receptive, it’s fluid. His body moves naturally under my hands, he breathes and vocalises strongly which reassures me and gives me more space. My body moves closer, I massage with my forearms, my elbows, then lie down using my breasts, my whole body moves naturally. He appreciates my touch.

I firmly maintain my posture as giver, in a state of vigilance that I do not perceive at this moment: I give everything I have but do not allow myself to receive nor to take pleasure. I’m here to offer something, but there’s no question of me taking anything!

We are connected, our bodies adjust, I am touched but I resist surrender. It’s not conscious, I’m just maintaining my professional framework…limiting and constraining, I realise today.

It is then that Christian invites me to take a break. I lie on his back and massage him with my forearms. I stop and rest my cheek against his back. He invites me to take this time for myself, first to rest a little, then to feel in my body. Immediately tears flow: God, it’s good to feel this man’s body! My own body settles down, my compressed energy relaxes, expands in my own body. I am deeply touched in my heart which expands widely; the tears flow. I do not know this space… infinity.

Christian feels this change in my energy and receives it more intensely in his own body. He explains to me, with evidence (!), that if I also take pleasure, if I also allow myself to feel, to receive, this amplifies the connection and the energy that reflects on his own pleasure. He invites me to take care of myself, my position, my needs, while I am only focused on his well-being. I realise that my right hip hurts, and my back, I adjust, settle down.

My right arm begins to slide very gently without my having any intention of doing so… “Let it do, ” he says, ” let it go to the end of his movement”, “enjoy my body, make yourself happy, do what you want”, so without deciding anything, without wanting to give him anything or do anything to him, I allow myself to do it. Oh sure, not this passive “letting myself do it” as so often in the past, by undergoing the energy, the needs, the desires of the other, by enduring…. Letting go, what my body wants.

And then the miracle happens, there is no longer a giver or a receiver, just an intimate dance of two energies that meet and merge…. I am surprised… At times I let out little grunts, my mouth nibbles, my tongue licks his body, my whole body undulates against him. I subtly feel an animal part that could express itself… Another part of me coldly observes what is happening. Was I still dissociated at that moment? A part of me was, because this part, very calm, observes and tries to analyse. It’s new, it doesn’t seem dangerous, but it’s still on guard…. What’s going on? New data for my inner computer… It’s disturbing and difficult to fit into my usual boxes: it’s both very gentle and intensely deep, a sensation of floating weightlessly and at the same time entering a powerful inner movement, like a bottomless pit, an abyss…

I have already experienced something like this, alone, in meditation or in mindfulness masturbation. But here I am against a body that vibrates with pleasure, it is totally different! I have to deal with this body, this other one that has always frightened me, even flabbergasted me, and that could rape me…

Christian. invites me to feel in my body again. He feels my desire before I am aware of it, yes I am still somewhat dissociated!!! Then I feel my hot, vibrant, wet vulva. I have a desire and he is grateful. My body calls to him and he receives this call with pleasure. My touch is deeper, even more connected to what Is, there, present between us. Neither of us let go completely, Christian offers me here a space of initiation to the Sacred Intimate.

Sunday 8 May 2022 – Session 2 still with Laurence – She receives, I give. Laurence writes ….

“Sunday at 9.30am: I am going to receive my first “Sacred Intimate” session by Christian. A little tense, afraid of not letting go, of being uncomfortable. I set my intentions before the session: “I ask to let go of limiting conditionings and memories that hinder the full realisation of my sexual identity”.

Christian insists on experimentation, on allowing oneself to be wrong, there are no stakes or objectives, just letting go and welcoming what comes. We sit face to face on the floor and I concentrate and let myself be guided by his meditation. He invites me to feel my energy in my sacrum, I immediately see a magnificent golden cobra coiled on itself which raises its head and then rises. I had never seen this one even though I had modelled its head in clay when I represented my vulva in a women’s shamanic tantra workshop. Wow, that’s an impressive cobra! It rises up from the back of my spine and then hisses back down to my root chakra. I watch it undulate and am touched by its strong presence and beauty.

Christian begins with his touch. I am invited to let my body express by itself, to move as it seems, to breathe in through my mouth with a vibrating sound on while exhaling throughout the session, to express my desires, my needs, to use him (this is the word Christian used and which challenges me) and my own body to increase pleasure like stimulating myself if I feel the need.

Very quickly, the sexual energy rises. I am totally at ease, confident. My body undulates without embarrassment or resistance, I change position, adjust his hand, and we enter very quickly, on my initiative, into an intimate dance.

I caress him, massage him, avoiding his sex at first. As I write these lines, I feel this controlling and observant presence, this part outside of me ready to intervene in case of danger…. “Don’t get him too excited, it could spill over”…. At one point, my hand meets his sex and likes to stroke it, to use it to caress my vulva. It’s delicious. His erection is soft, it reassures me. He is present, welcoming, listening, I let ME gettin closer.

I’m very excited, I vocalise loudly as I exhale, which allows me to spread the pleasure throughout my body and delay the orgasm.

Christian asks me if he can come in (!!?) Immediate stress, inner contraction, I understand a proposal to penetrate with his penis. Then I think about the framework that was set by Christian at the beginning of the session where energetic penetration, without friction, is possible in a Sacred Intimate session but never the first time! I accept however and only his finger enters.

Phew! I was ready to go beyond the clearly expressed framework : penetration is possible in a “Sacred Intimate” session but never during the first session. I can see this desire to experiment and to push back my blocking-limits which could put me in danger… !

The energy rises again. I force myself to look at him in the eyes to stay present but I feel this inner call to dive into my depths. I close my eyes. Waves, circles in motion that begin to form a huge, vibrating, pulsating vulva. I am deeply touched by this intense presence. I have the sensation of being this vulva, the vulva? It is me and the whole universe at the same time. An immensity inside, like a gaping void in the universe… at the bottom of this gap a cosmic eye (I don’t know what that means but it is what is there). “I am the original vulva.” This is what I hear and what I experience at the same time. It is both me and the whole universe, all the other vulvas.

I share my vision with Christian. I have the feeling that I could suck it in. “It’s too soon”, he says! Of course, I have no desire for penetration at this moment, just this very strong sensation that inside this vulva is the whole universe, that through my own vulva I will be able to suck in everything that is. It pulsates, it vibrates, it comes. There are few colours, it is rather dark with shades of grey-brown. I am expanding all my bodies, as if I were merging, as if I were what I see. Christian. and I exchange a few words about this gap, about the power of vaginas….

I am in a high state of arousal and breathe in loudly. The movement of his fingers in my sex accelerates and I react strongly to this increase in my pleasure. I really want to repeat the experience. to fully assume what I receive and experience in my body”. ….

Sabine (35)

La Casa Dorada was recommended to me by the famous Red Tantric school, Diamond Lotus in Berlin (where Christian and Simone trained).
So I went to see this idyllic place in the middle of nature, one hour south of Barcelona.

After a detailed conversation about my expectations and goals, I decided on a Sacred Intimacy session.

What an adventure of sensuality and self-knowledge!

Christian took me in a very respectful, gentle and caring way on a journey of exploration of my embodied being, through breath, touch, sounds and words – all from the very beginning in interaction so that I could learn to listen to and understand my body and above all to be able to communicate my sensations and dare to express my desires.

The session exceeded my expectations! I felt wonderfully supported and accompanied in an atmosphere of trust, harmony and respect.

I was not familiar with this format before and I highly recommend it to all those who are curious, anxious and eager to know themselves beyond limiting beliefs and to explore new intimate spaces.

Christian generates confidence and professionalism from the first moment! I will surely come back, maybe already for a retreat of initiation to the Sexuality of Full Consciousness of which the Sacred Intimacy is the most accomplished expression.

Thank you for this unique experience that made me grow!

Carles and Nuria

It took us as a couple very little time to make the decision to visit and get to know the Casa Dorada. From the very first contact, the availability, seriousness, friendliness and professionalism of the interlocutors were excellent. When the day of the visit arrived, the facilities and the impressive outdoor space welcomed us, inviting us to the long-awaited total disconnection and to feel 100% the experience.

Christian and Simone accommodated and accompanied us at all times. Their kindness, empathy and professionalism were evident in every detail during the morning we spent with them. Their explanations, and their invitation to live and enjoy every moment, helped us to let go of old taboos and mental frameworks that only hinder us from reaching, or at least feeling closer to, physical, mental, sexual fulfilment.

Our experience as a couple exceeded expectations. Our feeling, more than that of living in parallel universes, was that of living in the same universe, abandoning ourselves to an intense, enriching and precious trance, with the company and guidance of our hosts. We can only recommend them and invite those who are curious to investigate, to discover, to let go and to live.

Mercedes (52)

I came to Casa Dorada for a Classic Tantra massage session. Curious, wanting to explore sensations, feelings, getting to know myself better. When I looked on the website before going, I didn’t think about a Sacred Intimate session, it seemed,…. very intimate. It didn’t cross my mind. Starting something that you don’t know how it’s going to go, but I set limits on it.

But, quite quickly , we evolved the session into a celebration of Sacred Intimacy.
(…..) On the one hand, well-being through sensations of pleasure.
For the caresses received, feeling a bit like a goddess.
I have rarely felt that I am receiving more than I am giving, and this is one of the times when I have felt that I am receiving more than I am giving. At the same time, I am aware of everything that is inside me, everything that I would like to get out. And of all that I love or that I would like to receive and that I am not able to ask for, that I am not able to express.

Upon arriving at their tropical paradise of a home just outside Tarragona, we spent a few minutes getting comfortable with them under a beautiful gazebo in their perfectly manicured yard by the pool. After our initial introduction we retired to a more intimate setting to discuss our sessions in detail. This created a safe environment for us to set boundaries and express our deepest fantasies, desires and needs. After a few more minutes my partner Jess and I separated into our own private rooms with our tantric practitioners. I went with Simone and Jess stayed with Christian.

Simone set the room as discussed prior to our meeting and everything was as expected. She enquired about where my feelings and emotions were at the moment and we quickly found ourselves deep in conversation about my childhood sexual assault and my years of recovery. Simone created a safe space for me to share the wounds that I have been working to heal for the past thirty years. We discussed ways in which we would craft our session to address some of the pain I was struggling with and we created a path together toward healing.

I decided to begin my session as a frightened child seeking the protection of a strong mother figure. I needed to feel safe and cared for. Simone cradled me in her lap and held me as we rocked back and forth together. Eventually we started exploring the power dynamic between us as she took on the dominant role to lead me to my place of worship on my knees before her. I let go of all my power and lay at her feet until I could feel comfortable with that release. Eventually my feeling of self love took over and we embraced in a very intimate way.

Slowly Simone relinquished control to me and I was able to make the conscious transition from a small child, to the confident man I am today. This was not something that I was easily able to do in the past, as I was unaware of my absent-mother trauma until recently. Being able to consciously transition my mind from needy child to confident lover was empowering and allowed me to percieve the difference between a sexual partner and a protective mother figure.

A difference, for me, that has always been clouded at best. Our session became more primal and passionate as the minutes passed and I ended my session back where I started, at her feet, but this time in a mindset of wholeness. I again worshipped her feet, but from a position of warmth, sexuality, and caring; no longer as a scared child. My session had come full circle and I was another step further along my path to healing.

I thank you, Simone, with all my heart for your support, affection, and compassion during our meeting. You are a wonderful human and I have gained so much from our meeting.

Laurence (52)

Saturday 7 May 11am: Guided initiation session to Sacred Intimate with Laurence, a 52 year old Sexological Bodyworker and Tantric masseuse. I receive by guiding. Laurence wrote…

“Expanding my comfort zone, experimenting….

I just came out from a sacred intimacy initiation session. I am the giver. The receiver/ guide is Christian, a Sexological Bodyworker, trained in Sacred Intimate with an incredible background in Mindfulness Sexuality.

I am a Tantric masseuse and a Sexological Bodyworker. I have not had an intimate relationship for over 3 years. I have been offering Sexological Bodywork or Tantric massage sessions for 4 years. I am committed to a strict framework that is clearly expressed and always respected. In my sessions I am used to touch is one-way only.

Petra Schickedanz

Petra (59)

I have been a professional Tantra masseuse for many years. I am therefore familiar with Tantric massages, I am also familiar with Tantric practices with partners to discover and experience together. So I know well what the word intimacy means. But this meeting with a man, Christian, in the context of a Sacred Intimacy session was totally new for me. First of all, Christian defined the framework and explained what my part would be in the session to come:

As the receiver, I am in charge, I say where to go and how far to go, I say what I need and want, I decide how and where I want to be touched, it is up to me to define the content of this session. Christian is there to hold the space and activate my energy. My first reaction was “oh no! I have to do something, when I just want to relax…”

I need to use conscious breathing, movement and sound to connect to the present moment, to listen to what my body has to say, and to express it. Deep conscious breathing sets energy in motion, strengthening feelings to express them in movement and sound.
Do nothing, force nothing, just let it happen. This sounds easy, but it is not, especially for me who is always action-oriented and goal-oriented in my daily life. I closed my eyes and Christian led me first into the perception of my body. By breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling through my mouth, I let the breath flow through my body. And then to feel how the energy flows and where it does not. I first felt a tension, a pain in my shoulders, and in my lumbar region. I started to move, letting my breathing and my movements guide me.

The first resistances appeared: “I don’t want to function, I don’t want to conform, I don’t want to do anything. I long for rest, relaxation, and lightness.” A deep groan…and suddenly …..I felt anger, resistance, aggression against everything I believe, which puts me under pressure from outside. My body now went from expectation to a powerful dynamic. I blew out my breath like a threatened cat, I looked at Christian with shining eyes: “don’t touch me!!!”, was my silent and strong message. Anger at men, anger at being used, anger at paying with my body to get, in return, love, closeness, tenderness. Christian became the mirror of my anger:

I felt the impulse to attack him, to push him, to shove him, my rage wanted to go towards him. He got involved in the fight with me. He never got too close, but close enough for my energy to have a counterpart. He resisted, he countered, he held me in his arms and intuitively slowly loosened his grip. Gradually, the aggressive fight turned into a game of teasing and laughter. Christian gave me the space to be with whatever was inside me at that moment that needed to be expressed, even through violence and aggression. The tension in my body was released, I breathed in a relaxed way, I felt joy and lightness. We fell side by side on the futon, sweaty and out of breath. Then I felt the vastness in my heart and this energy flowed through my body to my pelvis.

I then asked Christian to massage me with oil. Hmmm, warm oil flowed over my belly and I felt a slow, very slow, careful but firm and compact caress of his hands over my belly. The movement was so slow that time stopped. And I felt… I could feel the infinite within me. I felt warm and protected by his touch. I felt a deep trust with the certainty that no harm could come to me. My body relaxed more and more. The ‘caring’ attitude I had felt earlier gave way to a pleasant softness throughout my body. Christian extended his caresses and his slow touch to my whole body.

I invited him to massage my breasts as well. A deep sigh, a release, I sink even deeper into myself. I invited Christian to lay his whole body on top of me, without holding his weight. I felt no sexual threat, on the contrary, I enjoyed the weight on me, being fully embraced and held. and suddenly, a spontaneous energy of sexual release took hold. our bodies flowed into each other. There was no concentration in the intimate area, no sexually forced actions. our bodies simply took up the space for the sexual energy to unfold freely, and fulfill its healing and beneficent mission. An orgasmic feeling of limitlessness, a feeling of ecstasy in the infinite emptiness of space. Fulfilment, peace, silence, freedom, purposelessness, sacred sexuality.

I thank Christian for the space he offered me, for his empathy and attention, for the protection he gave me and the acceptance to show myself fully, without judgement, without expectation, without obligation. I recommend this experience to all women and men, it is a profound experience that can change your vision of sexuality. After this intense session I feel liberated, happy and fulfilled.