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Tantric Getaway

Sea, Sun, and… Sensuality

Tantric Getaway

A personal invitation to combine a holiday with transformational experiences

For some people, it is difficult to thrive in a group setting, like group workshops.

With our residential offer, you can enjoy all the attention for yourself alone or with your partner.

You benefit from the expertise of intimate and sensual practitioners.

We will go at your own pace, listening to your personal needs.

Before your arrival, we will have a video call which will allow us to lay the first foundations of a program specially designed for you. We will also ask you to fill in a questionnaire to find out more about your personal history, your intimate relationship with yourself and with your lovers on an emotional and functional level.

But this is only the basis, the real programme can start after your first Sacred Intimacy session, because by then your body will literally have spoken and we will know a little more about your real needs.

Join us, for an immersive experience in Mindful Sexuality. For a period of minimum 2 nights up to one week, you will be accommodated in a private bed- room with wifi, you will have a daily private session to choose from in our menu.

You will also be able to use all the facilities of the Casa Dorada, the sauna and the naturist pool. We offer you the residential program in different options:

  • Discovery: 2 nights with breakfast and 1 session of your choice
  • Standard: 3 nights with breakfast and 2 sessions
  • Reset: 4 nights with breakfast and 3 sessions
  • Premium 5 nights with breakfast and 4 sessions

Additional sessions can be added to your programme depending on availability and your needs.


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Tantric Getaway – Create your own Program

Nights : 115 € for single – 145 € for couple 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights
Session(s) of your choice to choose from our services 1 session 2 sessions 3 sessions 4 sessions
Discount from the basic prices (nights + session(s))
– 10% – 12% – 15% – 20%

Create a Program for me


Naturist Bed & Breakfast


Even if you don’t feel ready for a sensual or intimate experience, in an individual session or in any of our other proposals, we will be happy to welcome you for a minimum of 3 nights, alone or as a couple, in a private room with a healthy breakfast every morning.

You will be able to soak up the atmosphere of gentleness and freedom that reigns at La Casa Dorada at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to talk with us and connect other guests from all over the world, who come here to discover and practise a new relationship with themselves, their lovers, their family and their friends.

La Casa Dorada is specially designed to welcome all those who wish to explore Tantra and Mindful Sexuality. It is also dedicated to all activities related to the culture of Vital Energy as well as Sacred and Contemporary Sexualities. La Casa Dorada welcomes all genders and orientations, with kindness and no judgement.

And maybe you are curious about a sensual experience from one of our offers.

But there are no obligations. We know how confusing the path may be to bringing out your true self

In all spaces clothes are optional and the pool is nudist.

3 nights (minimum), including breakfast Extra night, including breakfast
Single 310 € 115 €
Couple 395 € 145 €
Book the naturist b&B

Massages FAQ

Do you recommend being given a massage by a woman or a man?

To be touched by someone of the same sex can be a new and intimate experience, which may initially cause feelings of unsureness and embarrassment.

But it brings with it a moving and healing experience through which you may discover values such as acceptance, strength, support and security.

If you allow yourself to be touched by someone of the opposite sex you will receive the energy of the opposite pole. This enables energy balancing following the principle of yin and yang.

Can I enjoy the massage despite erection problems?

It is not important to the massage or your enjoyment of it whether you have an erection or not.

Can I enjoy the massage despite premature ejaculation?

Yes, because this is normally caused by psychological factors and not physical. Dealing with it is for many just a question of practice. We gladly give you a non-judgmental, neutral and safe space.

As a woman I have never had an orgasm. Will the Yoni Massage help me to reach orgasm?

Our massages are non-specific. The more you focus on your orgasm, the harder it can be to reach it.

During the massage try to notice and feel what is really going on. Expectations, pressure, control and fear often play a part.

The Yoni Massage as the one we are offering is a healing massage during which injuries can be gently relieved and room for new experiences is created. We will accompany you on this journey with all our expertise and sensitivity.

I feel too fat and am embarrassed to let myself be touched…

Your weight and figure are unimportant to our massages. We connect with the beauty and fundamentals of every person and not only touch their body but also their soul. The massage will give you a better body image and more self-confidence and it will be easier for you to feel happy with your body.

What about hygiene?

Cleanliness and hygiene are very important for us. Our baths are cleaned and disinfected after every use. This, of course, also applies to the sheets on which you are massaged and any towels you may use. Before and after every massage we thoroughly wash and disinfect our hands.

Do I need to have any special knowledge or experience for this type of massage?

Our massages are about relaxation, dedication and being pampered. Experience and special knowledge are therefore not necessary.
This is the ideal place to practice stillness, feeling and awareness.
Our masseuses and masseurs will accompany you sensitively on your journey through your body and sensuality.

What do I need to bring with me?

You don’t need to bring anything. We have towels, slippers, body care products and a hairdryer ready for you. You can have a shower here before and after the massage. We also provide filtered water and fruit.

What happens during the massage?

You will be naked during the tantra massage. Your body will be massaged using a number of techniques, which stimulate the energy flow, sensitize the body and open the mind. As a result, you will feel deeply relaxed despite being awake.

The Tantra Massage follows a basic pattern. Your head, face, hands and feet, your yang side (back) as well as your yin side (front) will be massaged thoroughly. As the idea of Tantra is to touch the whole person, we also massage the genital area.

However, the aim is not to sexualize the massage but to include sexual energy in the whole body massage.
In addition to this basic pattern, each masseuse and masseur has a lot of room to follow their own intuition and creativity. This means that the massage may feel different every time.

Who will massage me?

It is not possible to choose a masseuse once you arrive. All women and men in our team are trained in various – especially tantric – massage techniques. In addition to that all of us regularly attend training courses to broaden our spectrum of knowledge.

You may of course ask to book your next appointment with the same woman or man if you find you have particularly enjoyed your session with her or him.

Is the masseuse or masseur naked during the massage?

In the tantric tradition man (Shiva) and woman (Shakti) meet on the same level. As our massages are received naked, they are also given naked. It’s about closeness, discovery, feeling moved. We see nudity as something natural and beautiful, free of embarrassment and offensiveness.

May a sexual exchange happen during the massage?

No. You will receive a holistic tantric massage, which gives you a sensual erotic experience but not an invitation to a sexual exchange. This enables you to explore your physical experience in a new way free of expectations and objectives.

Is it ok to have an erection during the massage?

An erection during the massage is welcome as it is a sign of relaxation and enjoyment.

Is it ok to reach orgasm during the massage?

If you want to yes. We invite you to enjoy and be aware of your experience. Enjoy the massage without any pressure. An orgasm doesn’t automatically mean the end of the genital massage.

What massage oils do you use?

We use cold-pressed organic olive oil without additives.

Beneficiary and giver of the massage are usually undressed.

No Sex or Intercourse with the practitioner during massage, ritual or session.

Massages by appointment only

Please don´t visit us without an appointment! Appointments must be arranged by phone, mail or online-booking in advance. Spontaneous appointments for the same day are possible, but it is preferable to book in advance if you are not flexible in your schedule.

Time for massages starts daily at 10 am, the last one ends at about 6:00 pm.

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Should you have any further questions:

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