Sacred Intimate: The healing power of pleasure

What is a Sacred Intimate?

Sacred Intimates work with all people who are seeking help in exploring any or all aspects of their sexuality.

Our work is experiential. Rather than talking or counselling therapy, we work primarily with the body, intimacy, eros, emotion and spirit. We use the power of pleasure as a tool for healing and transformation.

The main modalities used are movement, breathing, touch, body awareness, consent and sexual skills. A Sacred Intimate guides you intimately through sensual, sexual and erotic experiences in a safe and hygienic way, actively contributing to your experience and supporting you in your personal development and self-awareness.

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Practices may vary. Some focus mainly on the body, some on coaching, some on interaction and mutual exploration, some on awareness or Energy Tantra, Sexual Tao, Shamanism, Hippocratic massage (vaginal / anal mapping)…

Most of us combine various modalities and skills. Some sessions may be similar to surrogate, except when we work with a couple, and even then it is possible to adapt our intervention according to the wish and desire of both partners. All of this varies according to our experience, training, personal inclinations, and physical abilities.

Working as a Sacred Intimate is a vocation. The only thing we share is a fascination with the communion between Eros and Spirit, it is a deep commitment on a human level.


There is no license or certification to be a Sacred Intimate. Most Sacred Intimates bring in their prior training in bodywork such as massage, therapeutic modalities such as body-breath integration, Sexological Bodyworker techniques or various forms of breathwork. Some have experience in traditional sex work. Many also have training as counsellors, therapists and coaches.

The most important training, however, is often our own personal experiences and exploration of all fields related to sexuality. As Sacred Intimate, we are also engaged on our own erotic journey. Without this we would not be able to offer what we do.

The term Sacred Intimate was coined by Joseph Kramer and the School of Body Electric in the USA, where for many years intensive training have been held that are open to those with previous experience. Access to these courses, starting with Sexological Bodywork, is now available in Spain at la Casa Dorada

For better or worse, anyone can call themselves Sacred Intimate. When you choose someone to guide you, accompany you and work with, it should always include a conversation about their approach, their experience and training and above all their ethics…

It can also help you to have an idea of what you would like to discover or understand.


Sacred Intimate activity is in a grey area in legal terms. From the moment, where the sessions may include, if any, genital contact, under the regulations of some European countries this can be seen as prostitution. For this reason, most Sacred Intimates carefully follow a discrete line to avoid legal difficulties.

However, the intention of touching with a Sacred Intimate is not ‘gratification’ or ‘entertainment’ but healing, awareness, transformation, inspiration, learning, self-development and exploration of sensual, sexual, erotic and emotional experiences.

Christian Gouttenoire

Your Practitioner

Christian Gouttenoire aka Chris Tantra

Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Sacred Intimate
Certified Tantra Masseur from the Diamond Lotus (Andro – Berlin)



A Sacred Intimate can be either male or female. Originally, when the word and idea was introduced, most were men. Today we cover the spectrum. Most Sacred Intimates are perfectly bisexual, versatile and able to work with clients of any gender; some exclusively or primarily with men or women.


Sacred Intimacy has been around in this form for a few decades, but it is very likely that it has been around since the dawn of humanity.

For more on this subject, see Don Shewey’s article on Sacred Intimacy

Why do people seek a Sacred Intimate ?

  • For help with specific sexual challenges.
  • For healing of body memory.
  • To become more emotionally comfortable with their own sexuality.
  • For pleasure, joy and happiness.
  • For exploring creative sexualities and BDSM.
  • For coaching, training and support.
  • To explore a new element of their eroticism without having had enough support to try.
  • For a nourishing respite from their stressful lives.
  • For the opportunity to connect skin-to-skin with a Loving Human Being.
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