The erotic playground is an invitation to be playful, creative and sensual.

Depending on your intentions, you can be active, passive or both to explore the countless possibilities of sensual playfulness.

First of all: The Consent

We begin with guided consent and authentic relating to reconnecting with our bodies, emotions, needs and boundaries to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, which we then embrace to engage in play involving conscious and intimate touch.

What does Erotic Playground consist of?

We will use our bodies, toys, dominance and submission games, and the many variations of positive sexuality.

We are here to be children again, to be playful, carefree, naughty, and above all to have fun in a good mood. To explore the shores of eroticism in a non judgemental way.

You can play in a creative and sensual way using a variety of techniques and toys from the world of BDSM, power dynamics, kink and improvisation.

Come alone or with a partner and play with a (female or male) practitioner or both.

You can also choose a blind and silent session, without knowing who you are playing with.

We invite you to play on the edge and grow from the heart, through consent and boundaries, empowerment and vulnerability, authenticity and curiosity.

The session takes place with strict respect for mutual consent, clearly defined between you and your practitioner(s) at the beginning of the session, respecting all hygiene and prevention measures.

Each session is a unique experience of which you are the creator.

It is essential not to have a goal, but to live in the moment.

The key words are : Presence, Awareness, Creativity, Respect.