Thinking and having an active mind is indeed part of human nature… It would be a clear denegation of our deep nature, if we are told that it is possible to be “fully present”, even for a short time. Especially into those difficult times of uncertainty that the whole humanity is experiencing. And despite all the meditation and all the relaxation techniques you may implant into your daily life, it is normal that thoughts, images arise. Let it be. It’s the beauty of the brain complexity.

From the series of Élise Di interviews to Christian from La Casa Dorada.

ÉLISE: What does Mindfulness has to do with this “brain complexity”?

CHRISTIAN: Mindfulness is rather about getting awareness and regulation of this passing thoughts than supressing them.

ÉLISE: Can Mindfulness be used in an intimate context? For example, when intrusive thoughts are persisting during intercourse?

CHRISTIAN: You can easily use 3 keys to connect to your own body and with your partner during intercourse.

  • The 1st one, is basically the one you use from moment to moment: breathing. But here I invite you to implement conscious breathing. By breathing consciously, you will arise a more vibrant energy. And the more you’ll arise your energy the more air and oxygen you will need and so the more you will feel into your body. So feel the inhales and exhales through the mouth when thoughts are being persistent.

  • 2d key. Allow your body to move as it wants. Without goal and performance will. Like a cat coming to you to get caresses and moving his body without intention, being just into the pleasure of receiving.

  • 3d key : Sound. Because sound is vibration and vibration is energy. Nothing can resist to vibration. The best way to pull down any resistances and blockages. So don’t be afraid of unlocking any hold sound, liberate your voice! You can also put some music on. This can help if you eventually feel ashamed to be vocally expressive!

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