Even today, the prostate, small in size but immense in its potential for pleasure, remains an eminently taboo subject and also a great mystery.

It is unfortunate to note that most heterosexual men spend a very large part of their lives ignoring their prostate. It is often in their forties that, in order to stimulate a libido that is beginning to run out of steam, they go in search of new pleasures, which could give a boost to their sexuality. Perhaps also because the notion of performance is no longer on the agenda, or perhaps because the image of the penetrating active man is no longer so dominant.
It’s even more unfortunate when it is for health reasons that it becomes imperative for them to finally take a more attentive look at their anality, and more particularly at their prostate.

From the series of Élise Di interviews to Christian from La Casa Dorada.

Elise: So tell us Christian, how can we take pleasure in stimulating the prostate?

CHRISTIAN: First of all, it is important for heterosexual men to get rid of negative representations and prejudices about anal sex in general and about anal pleasure in particular. Since in order to reach the full potential of a beneficial stimulation of the prostate, it will necessarily be necessary to go through anal penetration, and thus take a new look at this so neglected part of the body.

It is important for heterosexual men to get rid of negative representations and prejudices about anal sex in general and about anal pleasure in particular.

The initial idea of dirtiness and disgust often counterbalance the curiosity that this part of the body should inspire. Men also see the risk of losing their virility, their masculinity, because of an undeniably homosexual depiction or a form of submission. These perceptions sometimes take years to be diluted, or even never questioned, as the place of anal sex is taboo in many cultures.

But here’s the thing. Having less to prove, curiosity will sometimes awaken late in life, especially for those who think they have explored everything, during more conventional sexual relations.

And when it’s not curiosity, it’s a health problem, which will require special attention in this area. It is important to remember that prostate cancer is still the leading cause of cancer in men.

ÉLISE: Can you tell us a little more about the anatomy of the prostate?

CHRISTIAN: Anatomically, the prostate is a gland the size of a large chestnut, located below the bladder and surrounding the urethral canal. When the urethra is swollen, which usually happens with age, the man finds it difficult to urinate, as the urine will not be able to circulate normally. This can also lead to sexual problems, especially in terms of the ability to achieve firm and long-lasting erections.

It is important to know that the prostate plays a predominant role in reproductive sexuality. It is the prostate gland that releases the secretion of seminal fluid, promoting the circulation and protection of the spermatozoa. It also releases prostatic fluid, which promotes the survival of sperm when it comes into contact with the acidic environment of the vaginal mucosa.

internal diagram of male reproductive system

ÉLISE: But more specifically, back to anal pleasure ?

CHRISTIAN: On the more hedonistic side, prostatic pleasure is not the only source of anal pleasure, but only one of its components, even if it is one of its highlights.

In fact, for some people, men and women, there can be first and foremost the pleasure of the sensation of dilation, of enlargement of the anus. Feel the slow and progressive opening.

For others, will be added the pleasure of the sensation of filling, with one or more fingers being inserted or by using a plug, a dildo or a whole series of various and varied accessories of sometimes impressive sizes! The practice of “fisting”, the introduction of the whole fist into the anal cavity, mixes these two intense sensations of enlargement and filling. But at the moment anal fisting is mostly practiced in the gay community.

Still for both men and women, there is the orgasm of the coccyx, which requires a little practice for both the doer and the receiver. The idea is to stimulate with the fingertips the small cavities on either side of the end of the spine. This can provoke a fulgurant orgasm that goes up the spine to the top of the skull. I will come back to this orgasm which is relatively unknown and little practiced in a future blog.

To reach a prostate orgasm, its stimulation by massage must be gentle and with particular attention.

The Taoists say that it is in this area that the energy of the earth and sexual energy are combined and transformed before ascending to the higher centres to connect us with another dimension.

Finally comes prostatic pleasure, which is what we are concerned with today and which is specific to men, since women do not have a prostate. Although it is a form of pleasure which is close to female pleasure (since it comes more slowly, more progressively), the prostatic orgasm will lead to a type of orgasm whose onset we will not be able to control.

With this type of orgasm in mind, it is important to know that the prostate is a very innervated organ and not protected by an epidermis, so it is very fragile and very sensitive. Therefore, to reach a prostate orgasm, its stimulation by massage must be gentle and with particular attention. A subtle touch and short nails are essential!

For men, alone or simply wishing to explore on their own, before sharing this adventure with their partner, there is a toy ” aneros “ particularly adapted for this practice. In fact, when introduced, it stimulates both inside and outside, and thanks to the abdominal breathing, contractions will participate in the slow progression of pleasure.

Aneros, prostate stimulator

ÉLISE: So, how can man be led to overcome his prejudices so that he allows himself this divine pleasure?

CHRISTIAN:Above all, what is important for man is to get out of social and cultural conditioning, then to change his approach to pleasure, to be in the subtlety and slowness. In consciousness through breathing to make the sensation circulate, since it is the premise of energy, the progression towards pleasure.

The progression towards a change in the perception of pleasure is quite extraordinary, since it requires a total letting go, a complete abandonment of oneself. And breathing will have a predominant role in this ascent to change.

What we teach in our workshops tends to positively change the perception of pleasure. Anality is at the heart of many of our teachings, as it is an important part of male and female sexuality.

Anal pleasure is not instantaneous, but slow and intense. We understand then that it is not necessary to reach a peak, since this ascent is slower, much more intense and diffuse. The goal of this slow progression is to reach the Big O, the Great Orgasm, where, as I often say, the goal is no longer to have an orgasm but to be an orgasm!

In addition to an infinitely powerful pleasure, prostatic massage is definitely recommended for a healthy prostate.

ÉLISE: As we have just seen, anal sex and prostatic pleasure are eminently taboo. So how is it possible for men and women to change their vision and practices in order to develop a new sensual relationship with each other based on anal pleasure?

CHRISTIAN: To begin with, I have developed a form of mediation, which is above all an appointment for male/female couples to find themselves in a new form of intimacy. A practice that combines pleasure, beneficial sexuality and prevention in order to reduce, among other things, the risk of developing many cancers, such as prostate cancer for men and breast cancer for women.

It will consist of setting up a moment of intimacy, the time of which is defined in advance (between 15′ and 45′) and of equal duration, where the man will practise a slow chest massage on the woman, followed by a soft and slow massage of the prostate of the man, by the woman, all to the rhythm of a conscious abdominal breathing.

Subsequently, in response to many requests and questions from all sides, including many gays, we set up the “FOUNDATION – Happy Ass” course. An intense residential 4-day course, for men and women, entirely dedicated to the anus. It’s a course that mixes discovery, pleasure, letting go and the release of deeply buried emotions at the same time. This course will take place this year at La Casa Dorada from the 23rd to the 29th of May 2021. For more information check the workshop here.

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