Shhhh! Keep it to yourself. I’m going to reveal you some of the Taoists’ sexual secrets!
The essential central element of the Tao lies in the “Chi”, the Vital Energy. This invisible fluid which forms and animates the entire universe, the living and the non-living. Through various practices, the Taoists seek methods of rejuvenation based on the principle of immortality. The aim is to circulate and reinforce one’s own vital energy to alleviate any bodily and psychic dysfunction.

From the series of Élise Di interviews to Christian from La Casa Dorada.

ÉLISE: What are the secrets of the Sexual Tao to stay young?

CHRISTIAN: “According to the Taoists, we often lack Chi, although it can happen sometimes that we have too much. To harmonize this energy flow here are some examples of exercises you can practice at home:
In a spirit of spirituality and mental balance – Qi Gong, a practice combining breathing exercises, mental visualisations, movements and postures.

In a more practical spirit, some different exercises are particularly adapted for both men and women:

For men:

Sexual Kung Fu” or “genital fitness”

The aim is to strengthen the internal region of the genitals and the muscles that surround them. Here we deal with the “roots of the tree“. This includes “Weight Pulling” (literally: pulling a weight).

The exercise consists of suspending a weight (start with 0.5kg or 1kg) from a silk scarf attached to the base of the genitals and, to the rhythm of a slow, deep abdominal breath, an upward pulling movement will be performed, contracting the pubo-coccidial and lower abdominal muscles.

This will strengthen the internal part of the penis and improve blood circulation, thus rooting the penis in the body. This helps to solve the problems of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and urinary incontinence.

Other exercises that Taoists incorporate into their daily routine can improve the vascularisation and flexibility of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, thus allowing for firm and long-lasting erections whatever the age of the person.

For Women:

The Jade Egg

After acquiring a jade egg, (with the weight and size adapted to physiology), the exercise is practiced lying down at first. The woman must alternate a contraction of the perineum and then its relaxation, following the rhythm of a slow abdominal breath, to make the egg circulate in the vagina in order to strengthen the internal muscles and make the vaginal walls more supple.

This increases tone and reduces certain sexual health problems such as insensitivity, vaginal dryness, or difficulty in feeling pleasure.

Gradually, with regular practice the exercise can be practiced standing up. For the most experienced, it will be possible to attach a weight (from 100gr to 500gr) to the egg to achieve optimal tonicity and sensitivity of the “Sexual Palate”.

In short, these practices help the sexual energy of women and men to circulate harmoniously in the body and strengthen the genitals for more fulfilled and nourishing sexual activity in the long term.

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