The Tantra Massage which is taught and practiced at Casa Dorada, is inspired by the original Tantric Massage, created by Andreas Rothe aka Andro, in the 70’s in Berlin.

For us, the roles of masseur and massee merge to create a dance of the senses aimed at the activation of the Vital Energy. It is a conversation from body to body, outside the control of mind and ego. Each one lets his own pleasure express itself, his energy develops and grows, and offers to share the beneficial magic of this encounter.

By participating in these two consecutive weeks, you will learn to connect with yourself, to know what can really nourish your body and your soul, Thanks to the Devotional Massage, as receiver of this special form of Tantra Massage, your body becomes an instrument on which the strings of your desire, lust and devotion are made to vibrate and sound. You will learn to communicate your wishes and needs, and receive in return what you really need in the present moment.

As a giver, you learn to play the individual instrument of each body and bring forth the eternal songs of desire, devoutly inviting your own pleasure into this intimate communion. As a masseur you will learn that receiving guidance and information is not being judged, you will be free to let your own pleasure express itself and your energy expand.

You will live an intense sensory and sensual experience by learning to touch and be touched, in full awareness thanks to an absolute presence and a constructive and permanent communication.

Tantra massage

A minimum of physical flexibility and fitness is a prerequisite for participation in this training, which is suitable for advanced masseurs, both privately and professionally, as well as for people with tantric experience, but not for monogamous couples who do not want to change their practice partners.

Practical Information

The art of giving and receiving a Tantric Touch

Week 1: Essentials of Tantra Massage
17 to 23 April 2022

Week 2: Devotional massage – Intermediate
24 to 30 April 2022



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C/ Josep Pla 11, Roda de Bara, Tarragona

Week 1
Essentials of Tantra Massage

Dates: 17 to 23 April 2022
Audience: All levels
Prerequisite: Being comfortable with nudity.

A Tantra Massage is above all an intimate encounter with oneself and with a partner. It is a moment of suspension, of full awareness and attentive presence, a parenthesis in daily life. It is a ritual in which there is no goal, except sensuality, presence and connection.

During this week, you will learn to:

  • Create the magic of a Tantric Ritual,
  • Awaken and activate all the senses,
  • Activate and spread the Vital Energy,
  • Practice the delicate massage of the Yoni,
  • Do sensual touch of the Lingam,
  • Experience blissful caresses of the anal area,
  • Evolve in the orgasmic trance.

Enriched by the experiences of this week, you will take with you:

  • A better knowledge of your partners’ bodies and intimacy,
  • A new toolbox to improve the foreplay of your sexual encounters,
  • A better understanding of the functioning of Sexual Energy.
  • The fundamental principles of Mindful Sexuality

The workshop will include genital touch but no intercourse.

For the exercises we leave to the Universe to make the match, you will need to be able to practice with partners of all genders and orientations.

Week 2
Devotional Massage

Dates: 24 to 30 April 2022.
Audience: Intermediate level
Prerequisite: Having a previous experience in massage or bodywork.

During this magical week together we’ll explore the equally important roles of giver and receiver in the realm of conscious touch and intimate massage.

Even more, we will dive deeper into the connection between giver and receiver. The touch could be, now, possible both ways, in a supportive and reassuring manner.

The receiver will have all the time to express his desires and needs, without the fear of being judged or badly seen, it will then be up to the giver to set his own limits, and from there will be established the framework of this intimate and unique encounter.

Using the tools of Mindful Sexuality, our intention is that you’ll:

  • Gain new skills and a deeper presence to bring into your intimate relationships,
  • Become more present in both giving and receiving a full bodywork and a conscious touch,
  • Become active in receiving, and fully experience the gifts and benefits of receiving a Devotional Massage,
  • Dare to express your needs and wishes as a receiver,
  • As a giver, allow yourself to set up your boundaries and be comfortable in receiving guidance and requests from the receivers.

The workshop will include genital touch but no intercourse. For the exercises we leave to the Universe to make the match, you will need to be able to practice with partners of all genders and orientations.

Prices Week 1 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 2 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 1 + 2 (14 days / 13 nights)
Basic price 960 €  960 €
Reduced price 830 € 830 € 1.440 €

Price includes: Food, accomodation in shared rooms and all practices.
Reduced price for: Earlybird, single women, student or artists -25yo, returning guests, couple, pair or trio booking at the same time.
Early bird: Full payment 1 month before the beginning of the workshop.