Tantra massage

One day Private Tantra Massage Workshop

For Individuals and Couples
An experienced practitioner from LA CASA DORADA will take you (literally) by the hand to discover the most important aspects of Tantra Massage and intimate touch.

This kind of touch can be learned like any other practical skill, in particular by cultivating a deep presence with yourself. Mastering the art of intimate touch is the most valuable way to nurture and develop fulfilling, loving relationships.

When do we learn to touch intimately?
In general, our sensual experiences rarely, if ever, include honest feedback from the people we touch and how they enjoy being touched. This leads us to rely on assumptions that can create doubt and insecurity.

To overcome this, it is important to learn to connect to our energy and to be guided by the intuitive communication of our two bodies. In addition, of course, to having the basic practical knowledge necessary to activate and distribute the Vital Energy, source of Pleasure.

In turn, when we are the recipient of the massage and want to talk about it, often we do not have the words to describe, in a way that is understandable to the other, the type of touch we really want to receive. We can also become simply blocked by a feeling of shame or guilt in the real expression of our pleasure and desires, even (and especially) with a Loved One.

At LA CASA DORADA, we see intimate touch as a practical and creative skill with a range of qualities and benefits. It can be a very soft, tender and caressing touch, perhaps with oil, talcum powder or feathers, or it can be powerful and deep massage techniques. There is a wide range of possibilities, all of which can facilitate sensual pleasure and erotic moments for our partner. Especially in intimate massages for women and men that include intimate areas (Yoni and Lingam) or anal area and that are a speciality of LA CASA DORADA.

This private course will be 100 % adapted to your specific needs and learning pace. The pressure of a workshop or seminar with many participants won’t be present. The instructor will provide valuable one-on-one guidance on how to explore and discover the joys of the sensual experience of a devotional touch.

Your private massage workshop includes
A preliminary video call with the practitioner to answer all your questions.

  • A verbal exchange at the beginning of the course to focus on your wishes and needs.
  • Learning how to create a Tantra Massage ritual: decoration, atmosphere, intention.
  • Discovery of the energy flow in the body, the Yin and Yang map.
  • Presentation of the Mindfulness Sexuality tools
  • Integration of positions adapted to the comfort of the masseur.
  • According to the wish, learning of specific techniques for the massage of the Yoni, the Lingam or the prostate.
  • Learning how to circulate energy between the masseur and the receiver.
  • How to welcome and share the pleasure of each person to enhance the ritual.
  • Refreshments, snacks and lunch with us according to the duration of the course.
  • Opportunity to meet and share with community members during lunch.

Before coming, thinking about the following questions will help you prepare for your private Tantra massage course:

  • What are my expectations, hopes and wishes?
  • What is the main objective of the coaching?
  • What is the area I am particularly interested in (e.g. trying out different qualities of touch, setting up a sensual ritual, genital massage, exploring anal massage….).

Workshop for singles
In this workshop you will learn different touch qualities and massage techniques that you wish to acquire, which you can then practice on your instructor.

You will be able to be guided in vivo by this person giving you feedback, specific and practical advices as they knows their body and genital or anal areas (if you choose to practice this option) quite well.

  • The 6 hour workshop is divided into 2 parts of 2 hours with a 2 hour lunch break included in the price.
  • The 8 hour workshop is divided into 2 parts of 3 hours with a 2 hour lunch break included in the price.

During the lunch break, you will be able to enjoy the facilities of Casa Dorada and interact with our community members.

Couples workshop
During this workshop, your practitioner will show one partner directly how to touch and massage the other, who can relax, lie down and enjoy a two or four-handed massage. If you wish, you can also practice with your instructor, learning to give feedback and guide to achieve the most satisfying quality of intimate touch. Enrich your relationship by taking home a sample of the LA CASA DORADA experience. We are happy to answer your questions over the phone in a preliminary meeting with your massage trainer.

The 8 hour workshop is divided into 2 parts of 3 hours with a 2-hour lunch break included in the price. During the lunch break, you can use the facilities of the Casa Dorada.


  • For a single person: 6 hours (including 2 hours lunch break) 380 €
  • For a single person: 8 hours (including 2 hours lunch break) 440 €
  • For a couple: 8 hours (including 2 hours lunch break) 480 €

In all of La Casa Dorada’s Tantra and Sacred Intimate massage rituals, the emphasis is on both the masseur and the massee being nourished and energised by the beneficial effects of the devotional touch.

Note: A condition for booking the Tantra Massage Workshop at LA CASA DORADA is that you have already received a tantric massage in our place or with a member of the Tantra Massage Association.

Practical Information

Title of the day-Workshop
One day Private Tantra Massage Workshop

Tantra massage: The art of intimate touch


Simone and / or Christian

By previous booking (phone or email)

C/ Josep Pla 11B, Roda de Bará, Tarragona

Name of the venue
La Casa Dorada

From 380 €
(see all pricing information below)

A condition for booking the Tantra Massage Workshop at LA CASA DORADA is that you have already received a tantric massage in with us or with a member of the Tantra Massage Association.