What is taboo?

“What it would be unseemly to talk about, by virtue of social or moral propriety: A taboo subject. A subject that cannot be touched, criticised or questioned. A system of religious prohibitions applied to what is considered sacred or impure. What we keep silent about, out of fear, modesty. Ex: Sexual taboos.”

trioFor a long time confined to its reproductive character, sexuality for pleasure has long remained and still remains a taboo. For a longer period of time, prohibitions specific to sexuality of human beings, such as incest, have been constant in most contemporary societies. Nowadays, despite overexposure through pornography, sexual practices that have been widespread since time immemorial are still taboo subjects. Very recently, with the advent of Tantra in the Western countries, a form of sexuality has been reborn that advocates awareness and presence while respecting limits and consent.

However, here again, certain themes are considered inappropriate such as self love (masturbation) and anal pleasure. It is these taboos that we will successively explore during these two summer weeks.

In the first week, we will revisit self love from top to bottom

To get out of the process that we repeat over and over again with the practice, often compulsive, of masturbation. To learn that masturbation is not only an escape for all kinds of stress. Through Orgasmic Yoga, we will see that meditation and masturbation are beneficially complementary. We will also see that self pleasure is a wonderful way to charge ourselves with Vital Energy, to strengthen our immune system and improve our emotional balance.

We will learn how our Sexual Energy is created, developed and circulated. We will redefine our pleasure map and our notion of orgasm. How, for men, to have intense orgasms without the imperative need to ejaculate, and to become multi-orgasmic, and for women, that deep pleasure of the whole body, can also come other than by a frenetic stimulation of the clitoris.

In the second week we will learn all about anal pleasure

This is a delicate subject., which we will approach very slowly and gently. Many women are attracted to this practice, yet they shy away from it, often worried about the abruptness of men. Gay men, too, may have similar fears. Straight men, on the other hand, are often secretly attracted too, but it is their manly image that is shaken and that they have to reconcile before they find themselves in the position of the recipient of anal ‘benefits’.

As in the first week, we will challenge all these preconceptions, and we will see that the anal region can be both the source of a pleasure of unparalleled sweetness, but also of orgasms of an intensity and duration that have no comparison with genital orgasms.

Practical Information

Tantra and Taboos

Week 1: Self Pleasuring
7 to 13 August 2022

Week 2: Happy Ass
14 to 20 August 2022


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C/ Josep Pla 11, Roda de Bara, Tarragona

Self Pleasuring

Dates: 7 to 13 August 2022
Audience: All levels
Prerequisite: Being comfortable with nudity.

Dare to desire workshop at La Casa Dorada

Practicing more joy, fulfillment and intimacy in self love and sex life. Sex is a wonderful thing! But often, Sex, just means sexual intercourse. So what makes sex good sex and what makes our sexuality fulfilling?

In this workshop you will explore your own body as a foundation and a space for sensuality, nourishment and ecstasy. Only within a conscious body in which we feel at ease with, we can fully embrace our thoughts and feelings, we can perceive (sexual) energy, activate, channel and cultivate it.

During this intensive week we practice to be fully present in our body and our sexual energy and learn how establish a better connecxion with ourselves and the others. Essentially, we will explore our vitality through the interaction of breath and movement or breath and meditation in stillness along with sexual stimulation.

Observing and overcoming our usual arousal habits, we practice to transform sexual arousal into a powerful energy that activates our entire body and strengthens us holistically. Achieving high arousal then not only brings us into intense orgasms, but has the potential to reconcile us with old patterns and wounds, to connect us more deeply with our body, our partners and the world we live in and to nourish our spiritual development.

The programme will include amongst others:

  • Pelvic training
  • Activating breath techniques,
  • Microcosmic orbit
  • Orgasmic Yoga (conscious self-love /Meditbation)
  • Genital Meditation / Orgasmic Meditation
  • Circulating and channeling sexual energy through the body
  • Achieving and maintaining high arousal states (without ejaculation for men)
  • Penis and vulva /vaginal Dearmoring / mapping

During this workshop, you will explore new ways to enhance your own pleasure, successively practising on your own, being witnessed, and with help and support from one or more partners, but always the focus will be turned on yourself.

The workshop will include genital touch but no intercourse.

Happy Ass

Dates: 14 to 20 August 2022
Audience: All levels
Prerequisite: Being comfortable with touching and being touched by same sex partner.

During this week, we’re going to put some light on the most intimate and sacred, yet often the most underrated and neglected part of your body: your bottom.

From heightened awareness and sensitivity for the “rosebud”, rectum and pelvic floor, to anal meditation and anal massage, and many other topics, we will gently explore our asshole, and make it a Happy Asshole.

Indirectly, the themes of gender and fluidity in sexual orientation will be addressed. Pleasure, health, hygiene and especially the emotional dimension will be explored and will allow us to access a higher level of consciousness whatever our gender is, male or female.

Health and pleasure are closely related to each other here and open up possibilities to gently explore the depths of our body, our sexuality and what connects them. No other part of the body offers so much opportunity for openness, physical and emotional expansion.

Anal touch requires presence and attention and builds trust and responsibility. By actively receiving anal touch, intense intimacy and connection can develop between partners, allowing emotional healing process. Feeling comfortable in one’s own anal area provides a sense of trust and stability, in oneself and in the world, a sense of grounding and anchoring, allowing one to begin or continue a spiritual journey.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • The location of the anal region in the pelvic and genital area and its impact on the experience of pleasure and conscious embodiment.
  • Anus and emotions: anal taboo, shame, disgust and other stresses; awareness, relaxation and stimulation through meditation, breath, voice, movement and (self) touch.
  • Anal orgasmic meditation
  • Actively giving and receiving body massage, external and internal anal massage,
  • Prostate Massage and Anal Mapping
  • The anus and gastrointestinal tract
  • Care of the bowel and anus
  • Hygiene, health safety, consent
  • Use of toys such as dildos, strapon, aneros, butt-plug, vibrator etc.
  • Preparation for anal sex, enema, lubrication, rimming,

This workshop includes anal and genital touch, but no anal or genital intercourse.

Each participant is invited to find his or her own rhythm and limits. Especially when it comes to the anus and its complex muscles. We need to practice to feel our limits, needs, desires and fears. There are no prerequisites to participate in this workshop. Beginners and experienced amateurs are welcome. Participation is open to singles, couples and poly constellations.

Couples can practice together, but we also invite them to open up and practice with other members of the group if they feel comfortable. The basic requirement is however the willingness to work with people with a vagina and people with a penis.

We look forward to days of movement, touch, openness, deepening, excitement, health, happiness, humour and fun!

Prices Week 1 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 2 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 1 + 2 (14 days / 13 nights)
Basic price 960 €  960 €
Reduced price 830 € 830 € 1.440 €

Price includes: Food, accomodation in shared rooms and all practices.
Reduced price for: Earlybird, single women, student or artists -25yo, returning guests, couple, pair or trio booking at the same time.
Early bird: Full payment 1 month before the beginning of the workshop.