Calendar Season 2023 coming soon!

Season 2022

We believe there is a treasure to be discovered by stepping out of our habits and exploring unknown spaces.
In this way, we do not guarantee a gender balance during the group practices.

Sacred Intimate

July: New ways in your intimacy and sexuality
with Ralph Lieder and Iris Slomma

10th to 16th of July: Tantra is a path to awareness that honors sexual power and uses it for personal development

Couple at La Casa Dorada

July:  From Mindful Sexuality to Sacred Intimacy

24th to 30th of July: Basics of Mindful Sexuality – All levels

August: The medicine of Eros,
for Gay and Bisexual men

28th of August to 3rd of September: An erotic and transformative Orgasmic Shamanism retreat

September: BliXX Level 1 – The Erotic Self Awakening

25th September to 1st of October 2022: Empowerment through the Xploration of Intimacy.