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Hands on – Breath out

Practicing more joy, fulfillment and intimacy in self love and sex life….

Sex is a wonderful thing. Sex often just means sexual intercourse. But what makes sex good sex and what makes our sexuality fulfilling?

In this workshop you will explore your own body as a foundation and a space for sensuality, pleasure and ecstasy. Only within a conscious body in which we feel in ease with, we can fully embrace our thoughts and feelings, we can perceive (sexual) energy, activate, channel and cultivate it.

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I want to participate

Practical Information

One to three or more

Week 1: Self Pleasuring
7 to 13 August 2022

Week 2: More than two
14 to 20 August 2022



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C/ Josep Pla 11, Roda de Bara, Tarragona

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Self Pleasuring

Dates: 7 to 13 August 2022
Audience: Intermediate level
Prerequisite: Being comfortable with nudity.

Dare to desire workshop at La Casa DoradaDuring this intensive week we practice to be present in us and our sexual energy and to connect with ourselves and others. Essentially, as always, we will explore our vitality through the interaction of breath and movement or breath and meditation in stillness along with sexual stimulation.

Observing and overcoming our usual arousal patterns, we practice to transform sexual arousal into a powerful energy that activates our entire body and strengthens us holistically. Achieving high arousal then not only brings us and others intense orgasms, but has the potential to reconcile us with old patterns and wounds, to connect us more deeply with us, our partners and the world we live in and to feed our spiritual development.

The programme will include amongst others

  • Pelvic training
  • Activating breath techniques,
  • Microcosmic orbit
  • Orgasmic Yoga (conscious self-love /Meditation)
  • Genital Meditation / Orgasmic Meditation
  • Circulating and channeling sexual energy through the body
  • Achieving and maintaining high arousal states (without ejaculation for men)
  • Penis and vulva /vaginal Dearmoring / mapping

The workshop will include genital touch but no intercourse.

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More than two

Dates: 14 to 20 August 2022
Audience: Advanced level
Prerequisite: Having a previous experience in massage or bodywork. *Need to make a video call before confirmation

How to turn a sexual experience into a spiritual revelation?
Are you ready to participate in this workshop and open yourself to union with all the possibilities?

More than two workshop at La Casa DoradaThis is the opportunity to live new sensual experiences that go beyond the classic standards of relationship, and end friction sexuality of and
discover the “Slow Sex”.

The Maithuna is the essence of the Tantric ritual
It is the unification of a Shiva, the masculine principle, and a Shakti, the feminine principle. It is by unifying your Energies that you will progress slowly towards the state of orgasmic trance where the orgasm does not mark the culminating point of the pleasure, but the beginning of a progression towards the state of Satori, a temporary illumination.

As in quantum physics where the observed subject changes its behavior by the simple fact of being observed, so do we in our own intimate relationships : how do we act when we are observed in our sensual encounter with ourselves or with a partner?

Can you imagine practicing Quantic Sex?
In addition, this is an opportunity to test your ability to spiritual and sensual connexion with a partner of the same sex as yours.

Consider a plural relationship and transcend jealousy
How to create, maintain and circulate the energy of the Kundalini as part of a trio … You will discover how two complementary energies can be at the service of a third to achieve ecstatic states.

 The path of the Cosmic Orgasm
We are totally responsible for our actions and our own pleasure. It is incumbent upon each of us to create an environment of security and trust, to be able to surrender completely to the perfect assurance of total fulfillment. You must feel free to never go beyond your real limits.

What will you discover in this workshop?

  • Slow motion foreplay
  • Energetic Sexuality (VS friction sex)
  • Yab-Yum sacred Unification (yin/yang)
  • The microscopic orbit for couple and trio
  • Unification with similar energy (yin/yin or yang/yang)
  • Learn to transcend jealousy and use the energy of a third party
  • How the “trouple” (trio) can be a solution for couple in crisis.

For each exercise, participants will need to define the limits, and the modalities they wish to see applied during the practice. To avoid misunderstandings, the terms will be rephrased by the other person(s) involved in the exercise. This framework can be redefined at any time without the need for justification or explanation.

The male ego and the notion of performance have no place during this workshop, nor the notion of competition, on the contrary the idea of collaboration is put forward to sublimate the expression of the female desire and pleasure.

Prices Week 1 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 2 (7 days / 6 nights) Week 1 + 2 (14 days / 13 nights)
Basic price 960 €  960 €
Reduced price 830 € 830 € 1.440 €

Price includes: Food, accomodation and all practices.
Reduced price for: Earlybird, single women, student or artists -25yo, returning guests, couple, pair or trio booking at the same time.
Early bird: Full payment 1 month before the beginning of the workshop.

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