Day Stay

La Casa Dorada is a secret and seclude Tropical Garden, for adult only, clothes optional and nudist around the swimming pool.

We offer a different way for people to meet and connect with each other. We encourage and support a vision for a space of free expression to facilitate a direct, elegant and sophisticated approach to the sensual body.

We support people to be gentler, more open to express their deep truth.

La Casa Doradais dedicated to creating bonds and to better understanding love, consent, respect and relationship. The right of ecstasy is fundamental and the freedom to expand the limits of the body, mind and soul to their limit is essential.

This place exist thanks to people who are willing to speak the truth and value who you are, not what you have. You are invited to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective.

Daily Package

For two

The Package includes:

  • Sun Beds and sun umbrella for 2

  • Free access:
    Swimming pool – Sauna – Divan hut – Massage exchange

  • Free participation: 
    Bodywork and guided meditation, lectures , Shibari demo and much more.

  • Welcoming soft drinks or coffee, Iced tea and syrup at discretion all day long.

  • Free WIFI and Parking

  • Lunch set: 
    Aperitif Cava + 2 courses + wine 1/2 for 2


From 11am until 7pm
Every day in July and August
(Except during workshops or retreats)

Price for two

Cool Season: 
June / September

Summer holiday:
July / August


We´d love to book a Day Stay for Us