Tribal Tantra Xperience

What is it?

The Tribal Tantra Experience is the core of what we do at La Casa Dorada: A shared living space for individuals and couples wishing to explore Mindful Sexuality in a community setting. Freedom from social conditions, space to experiment, safety to feel.

What do we provide?

Our space is somewhere to meet, connect and practice with like-minded people with a frame of safety, respect and openness. We prioritise creativity, playfulness and fun at La Casa Dorada. Our community promotes good communication, integrity and consent so that we can feel safe to meet our edges and express what we really want.

Expansion into our fullness is only possible when we feel safe to speak our desires, our boundaries and to show our natural way of being. Expression through words, sound, emotion and movement is encouraged here. At La Casa Dorada we’re cultivating a community of grounded, open and loving people. We want to have fun living together: experimenting and enjoying the pleasures of life.

Wooden pavillion

What is La Casa Dorada

La Casa Dorada is a a place to integrate a way of living dedicated to the personal path through embodiment and the culture of the Vital Energy. To live and evolve together on this path, at your own pace and carried by the energy of the group. To allow an exploration, through the experimentation of shared practices, in an environment where the framework provides structure and safety. To allow you, with confidence and awareness, to expand the boundaries of your comfort zone. Let’s hold hands in this exhilarating process of reconnecting to our deepest authenticity, let’s unite to liberate ourselves from social and cultural conditioning!

Our vision

La Casa Dorada is a holistic community space dedicated to providing a supportive environment for transformation and liberation through body-centered practice. Outside of social conditioning, there is freedom and safety to be yourself here. We share a passion for balancing and honouring the masculine and feminine energies in ourselves and our community members.

I want to join the Co-living

Enrich your life!

What is the Tribal Tantra Xperience?

A unique opportunity to experience life
in a Holistic Community

Our life style is inspired by ancient forms of communal living, such as clans, tribes and communities. During this immersion, the field of possibilities opens up and gives way to the experimentation of Mindful Sexuality in its different forms:

  • Hatha Yoga, Sexual Tao and active meditations.
  • Sexuality through group practices and natural exploration.
  • Talking circles, in a weekly meeting,
  • Mindfulness, including in daily tasks
  • Connection to nature and nudity, in the Casa Dorada with its dense vegetation, its swimming pool or on the nearby naturist beaches.

Many languages spoken at La Casa Dorada. English is the most common language, but French, German and Spanish are also spoken. The TTX is therefore also an opportunity to meet different cultures and ways of life.

The type of Tantra, Sexuality and Mindfulness we practice is a “Global Tantra”, which integrates different aspects of sacred and contemporary sexualities like Red Tantra, Sexual Tao, BDSM, sensual rituals and more…

Weekly topics of the Tribal Tantra Xperience

Diversity enriches our community!

The atmosphere at Casa Dorada is one of playfulness and fun.
We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously.
We are like children who have no prejudices, and discover their bodies and the world around them in all innocence.

We are not afraid to be trivial and frank, and sometimes we are not “politically correct”, but we always try to be kind and helpful to each other and use the tools of non-violent communication.

A safe place in which you can express yourself

What is the difference between our tantric co-living and a tantra workshop or naturist holiday?

Although we live in an idyllic location by the sea, and the space of Casa Dorada offers many possibilities to relax and unwind, the primary intention is to live and celebrate the benefits of Mindful Sexuality on a daily basis.

This involves being active in this celebration. Both through practices related to the body (yoga, active meditations, massages, energy cultivation etc.), but also by actively participating in the life of the community through the preparation of meals, cleaning, maintenance etc.

In a tantra workshops or personal development course, there is a timetable and a progression through the course of your stay (in general), which leaves little room for deep integration. The intensity and energy of the group can create a “peak experience”, but once back home the energy can easily drop, and many can find themselves alone or with a partner who has not lived the same fabulous moments. One of the primary intentions of TTX is to learn how to integrate the benefits of Mindful Sexuality into your daily life.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wishes to take the path of sexuality as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development. For anyone who has the desire to experience community by being able to truly be themselves, without a mask.
Whether you are a total beginner, an experienced practitioner or a member of the sex-positive community, we welcome singles, couples and other constellations, regardless of gender, age, race or orientation. For beginners it will be necessary having an introduction meeting with Christian in order to highlight your needs and to create a shared understanding of our consent practices at La Casa Dorada. This session will form a basis for your experience into the practice of Mindfulness Sexuality during your stay with us.

At Casa Dorada, thanks to the daily practices and the different proposals offered, you will be able to create your own routine to practice when you return home.
If you are a course leader or a teacher, you will have here a group of enthusiastic people who can inspire you to shape and develop new practices related to your teaching. La Casa Dorada is an open laboratory where you can practice your skills and hone your personal talents.
Here you can do what you are already doing, but maybe in a new and different way.
Let’s co-create this community life together!

Strengthen your life

Daily program

You can join La Casa Dorada Community for a minimum of one week stay. You will be then immersed into the heart-warming daily life of our Tribal Tantra Community

The daily schedule of common activities is generally as follows from Monday to Friday:

  • 07:00 / 08:00 – Hatha Yoga, Tao Yoga or movement practice
  • 08:30 / 10:00 – Breakfast and free time
  • 10:00 / 13:00 – Community work
  • 13:00 / 17:00 – Lunch break and free time
  • 17:00 / 18:00 – Time to share skills and knowledge
  • 18:00 / 21:00 – Dinner and free time
  • 21:00 / 23:00 – Body practices or sharing 3 times a week

Weekends and the free evenings are also free to enjoy the surroundings, and remain available for spontaneous community proposals … At daytime it’s also possible to exchange massages or bodywork with other community members.

Wednesday is a special day to be together, sharing yoga and bodywork in the morning, maintenance work in the afternoon and sharing circle in the evening.

Weekly topics
La Casa Dorada pool

Daily practices

La Casa Dorada sauna

Nights Rituals

La Casa Dorada pavillion

Special events

Practical Information

The Venue

La Casa Dorada is a Californian style building, completely renovated, nestled in a tropical garden of 2.000 m2. It is located on the Costa Dorada, 70 km south of Barcelona, 5 minutes walk from the beaches, in a quiet residential area. There is easy and free parking in the driveway.

Accommodation is in shared triple or quadruple rooms. Showers are mixed and shared.

Different places have been designed to practice, meet, share and experience:

  • Tantric Temple
  • Massage room
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor pavilion
  • Solarium and swimming pool
  • Clubhouse dining room
La Casa Dorada pool with chairs and palm trees

During your free time you can

  • Enjoy the nudist swimming pool, or naked sun bathing in the tropical garden.
  • You can visit beaches and surroundings.
  • Enjoy the Catalan cuisine and tapas in the restaurants or bars nearby.

Community work

The community work is an opportunity, through daily tasks, to experience community life and become an integral member of Casa Dorada. It allows our visitors to benefit from the richness that the community offers, at a lower cost, while having the possibility to focus on their own evolution. In this way, everyone benefits from a beautiful exchange between gifts for the benefit of the group and personal enrichment.

The time dedicated to community tasks is around 3 hours per day, from Monday to Friday.

Claire helping in the kitchen

Your commitment

Good to know

The minimum stay is based on one week (6 nights). However in general we prefer people to stay longer for better integration and participation in community life. Three weeks is the most suitable time to integrate the benefits of new holistic habits.

Your contribution to the costs includes accommodation, meals and common activities.

We expect you to commit yourself enthusiastically to supporting community life by participating in community work, daily body practices and, according to your talents, by proposing somatic or relational activities that are the essence of Casa Dorada.


It is important that you consider having contact with people of a gender with which you are not used to interacting, during massages, for example, or bodily practices in general.

We operate in such a special area that we are keen to feel the bond that can be formed between our community and our visitors. In order to learn more about your journey and what brings you to us, we will ask you to fill out an information form about yourself and will set up a video call appointment prior to confirming your participation.

Please do not make any travel plans until you have received our confirmation to join the community!


Including accomodation in a shared bedroom, 3 vegetarian meals per day, daily body based activities
(6 times per week), the use of the nudist pool and the tropical garden,
plenty of free time to enjoy the beach and the surroundings

Short stay: 6 nights, 80 € / per night
Medium stay: 13 nights, 60 € / per night
Long stay: 28 nights, 35 € / per night

Arrival day and time

Arrival day: Sunday from 18.00h to 21.00h

I want to join the Co-living

Tantra and Mindful Sexuality go far beyond sex

Through Mindful Sexuality, all daily activities are opportunities to experience other dimensions of Being, especially when approached with Consciousness and Intention.
By immersing oneself totally in each present moment of Mindful Sexuality, one reaches Universal Ecstasy. When you live in a Tantric way, you live with love and passion for all of life, and with a constant and blissful connection to All That Is and All That You Are.

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